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Film & TV

Feast your eyes on the best horror movies, scary shows, and true crime documentaries, from under-the-radar gems to classics you need to watch tonight.

The Witch: The Movie That Terrified Stephen King

This freaky flick may be set in 16th century New England, but it's as terrifying as any modern horror you'll encounter.

12 Most Badass Women in Horror

These killer females go beyond just getting their hands bloody.

Who’s the Next to Die on The Walking Dead?

Here’s a survival guide for those doomed to fight walkers, biters, rotters, roamers, and worst of all: Negan and his Saviors.

21 Killer Horror Movie Posters

21 Killer Horror Movie Posters

A truly great horror movie poster is worth a thousand screams—and a place in our nightmares.

Crime of the Century: The People v. O.J. Simpson

Crime of the Century: The People v. O.J. Simpson

When it comes to watching FX’s riveting new crime drama, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, consider us guilty.

10 Creepy Movies from Sundance 2016

Supernatural terror, slimy serial killers, and the gripping true story of an on-air suicide haunt the silver screen at this year's film fest.

13 Creepy TV Shows You Have to Watch in 2016

These chillers, thrillers, and killer crime dramas will keep you glued to your screen all year long.

Welcome to The Murder Chronicles, a Murder Mystery Podcast Set in New Orleans

Jim Sherl is about to uncover one grisly killing that hits too close to home...

6 Classic Horror Movies

These classic horror movies from the golden age of Hollywood are just as freaky now as when they first haunted the silver screen.

Killing Fields: Discovery’s Thrilling New True Crime Series

Killing Fields: Discovery’s Thrilling New True Crime Series

Looking for your next true crime addiction? Discovery's Killing Fields tracks a real-life criminal case episode by episode.

10 Weird And Haunting Videos That Will Creep You Out Tonight

Viewer beware: These freaky videos are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

The Lineup Presents: The Scariest TV Shows of 2015

Dim the lights, grab the remote, and tune in to the scariest TV shows of 2015.

The Lineup Presents: The 10 Scariest Movies of 2015

From killer kids to cave-dwelling cannibals, join us as we count down the freakiest flicks of 2015.

Making a Murderer: Netflix’s Addictive New True Crime Series

Making a Murderer: Netflix’s Addictive New True Crime Series

Steven Avery is the convicted killer behind a grisly junkyard slaying and the focus of Netflix’s newest true crime series.

7 Creepy Japanese Horror Movies

From sadistic spirits to demonic visions of Hell, these Japanese horror movies will leave you freaked.

The Dark Side of Walt Disney

Lurking beneath Walt Disney's most beloved cartoons is a fascination with the supernatural.

9 Freaky Movies to Stream This November

Gather the family for a cinematic cornucopia stuffed with conspiracy theories, crooked cops, and creepy crawlies.

6 Modern Day Murder Ballads

From a deadly lovers' quarrel to the grisly killings of John Wayne Gacy, uncover the murder behind the melody in these haunting ballads.

5 Spooky Musical Curses

5 Spooky Musical Curses

Can a killer tune truly cause death?

9 Scary Movies to Stream This Halloween

Trick or treat, these flicks aren’t sweet, watch them now or you’ll be dead meat.