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The First "Mr. Mercedes" Trailer Creeps Onto the Screen

Stephen King's serial killer tale is coming for you.


It is truly the summer of Stephen King. With Spike's adaptation of The Mist currently airing, a new adaptation of It and the first take on The Dark Tower on the way, King is reigning over the box office and the small screen. Mr. Mercedes is the latest of King's novels to get the small screen treatment, and the first trailer has us on the edge of our seats.

Mr. Mercedes was a bit of a departure for King. The novel is a true mystery, with an old-school hardboiled feel, a terrifying serial killer dressed in a creepy clown mask, and a bit of a femme fatale. Released in 2014, Mr. Mercedes won the Edgar Award for Best Novel—high praise indeed.

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This adaptation features Brendan Gleeson (Mad-Eye Moody of the Harry Potter films) as Bill Hodges. Hodges, who has recently retired from his detective job with the local police, begins to get letters from 'Mr. Mercedes', who claims responsibility for a number of small-scale terrorist attacks. Soon, Hodges is drawn back into the life of an investigator, thanks to these letters and a beautiful woman (played by Mary-Louise Parker) who needs his help.

The show also stars Harry Treadaway, of Penny Dreadful fame, putting his massively creepy eyes to good use as the psychopathic Mr. Mercedes. The trailer promises a truly thrilling ride—our hearts were racing. Check it out below, and get ready for the August 9th premiere!

Mr. Mercedes will air on Audience Network, in conjunction with AT&T. The first episode will premiere on Wednesday, August 9th. Find out more here

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Featured photo: Still via Audience Network.