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Approach with caution: These paranormal stories are truly evil.

The paranormal genre blends science fiction and horror elements to seek out the strange and supernatural wonders of the world. In these books, the characters are often too curious for their own good or just plain unlucky; they tend to find themselves at the intersection of our world and other supernatural realms, haunted by the entities and beings who inhabit them. Truth can be scarier than fiction. The best paranormal stories are the ones inspired by or about real stories. Like, The Exorcist and its inspiration from the actual 1949 exorcism of a young boy in Maryland.

Real ghost stories, demon possessions, and religious exorcisms send the most shivers down our spines.

One of the reasons why paranormal books are so popular is because they excite our fear of the unknown and unexplainable. They take us on journeys beyond our realm and explore themes of supernatural power, the human mind, and the existence of an afterlife. While true paranormal stories are best known for their evil and demonic hauntings, a ghost story is rarely just a ghost story. The spirits often symbolize the more internal things that haunt us, taking on the form of our deepest traumas, secrets, and unsolved mysteries. Whether it's a true horror or something psychological, the paranormal world has something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of this celestial sub-genre, here are some phenomenal stories to start with:

And once you’ve finished those, check out the supernatural stories below to meet all your paranormal book needs.


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