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The Annabelle: Creation Trailer is Here to Terrify You

The haunted doll will have her way.


Annabelle, the terrifying doll from The Conjuring, is a certified horror movie icon. Now, we're getting the truly terrifying story of her creation. The second trailer for Annabelle: Creation was released today—and it's filled with scares.

The newest Annabelle: Creation trailer makes this prequel seem much scarier than the first Annabelle movie—perhaps even as terrifying as The Conjuring. Whether your favorite movies have creepy dolls, creepy kids, or creepy religious overtones, Annabelle: Creation promises it all.

In the trailer, dropped late last night, we see the creation of the doll, Annabelle, as well as the story behind her possession. When the young daughter of a dollmaker dies, he and his wife decide to turn their home into an orphanage. The spirit of the deceased little girl finds its way into the creepy figurine we know as Annabelle; the fact that the doll has become possessed by their dead daughter is apparently not a problem for the couple.

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The mother claims that Annabelle is harmless, yet the sinister plaything is primed to cause trouble for the orphans and their chaperone, a young nun. One orphan is the perfect target for Annabelle's malice: little Janice (played by Talitha Bateman). Janice is handicapped, with her leg strapped into a metal brace. Annabelle soon takes over Janice's body, returning her ability to walk unimpeded. As Annabelle takes over, however, the house becomes a death trap for the other residents, including the nun and the other orphans.

Get ready to jump while you watch the trailer below.

Annabelle: Creation is scheduled to hit theaters on August 11, 2017.

Featured still of "Annabelle: Creation" via Warner Bros.