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Shot of Fear: Horror Short Two Birds Will Have You Questioning Everything

WATCH: This horror short is downright terrifying.

two birds
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In just six terrifying minutes, Two Birds will have you wondering if your friends, family, and partners are really the people you believe them to be.

Writer and director Brendan Beachman expertly uses and subverts classic horror story tropes to terrify viewers. This stylish short film opens with Flynn being scared by her girlfriend while washing dishes. The scare is not just for Flynn—you’ll jump too.

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Flynn is then drawn outside by the strange behavior of some birds. When she hears strange noises in the basement, she makes the classic mistake of checking it out. However, what’s down there isn’t just a creepy monster. Even horror veterans will be surprised and creeped out by Flynn’s discovery.

This simple story pays off in a truly terrifying fashion. The utterly creepy basement will have you afraid to go downstairs for weeks:

Newcomer Beachman is a promising talent. So are the actresses playing Eve and Flynn (Sarah Greyson and Avital Ash, respectively). All three make the most of their talents while scaring the pants off the viewer.

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The crisp and creepy video will leave you on the edge of your seat. Check out the short below—but be ready for it to change the course of your day.

Two Birds was released earlier this year. Interested in more of Beachman’s work? You can also check out his 20-minute feature film, Intersection, and more on his Vimeo account

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Featured still of "Two Birds" via Brendan Beachman on Vimeo