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The Second Trailer for Stephen King's The Mist Creeps In to Give You More Nightmares

It's coming... for you.


In April, we got our first glimpse of Spike's The Mist. This week, we received a longer—and creepier—look at the series. It does not disappoint. 

The first trailer teased out the show's premise, as established in Stephen King's classic collection, Skeleton Crew. A mysterious mist rolls into town and wreaks havoc on the locals. The trailer's strobing horror ensured that fans of King would be appeased. The new trailer doubles down on the mystery of the original, while also giving us a clearer glimpse of the terror triggered by this eerie event. Check out the newest clip below.

Show creator Christian Torpe promised to focus on the psychological terror of the source material, and it's clear he's following through. Kevin and Eve Copeland (seemingly based on the original characters, David and Stephanie Drayton) sit by the water in their small town, discussing its charm and beauty. Stephanie suggests that the beauty isn't all it's cracked up to be. Cue the rolling mist to prove her right.

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We get a good look at the show's different locales, places that serve as both refuge and prison for townsfolk once the mist descends. Some people have been trapped in the mall, some in a church, and others in a local school. The trailer indicates a few tweaks have been made to the original narrative. Eve and the Copelands' daughter, Alex, appear to be immune to the mist. This, of course, only leads to more trouble among the frightened locals.

There are definitely some plot changes here, but this adaptation seems to have a strong grasp on the horrors—both otherworldly and all-too-human—that King explored in his novella. 6/22 can't come soon enough. Get ready for the chills this summer!

The Mist premieres Thursday, June 22 at 10/9c on Spike.

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Still from "The Mist" via Spike