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The Most Terrifying Horror Movie of 2015 That You Likely Never Saw Is on Netflix Now

This freaky flick will keep you up at night.


In the age of the internet, it’s hard to imagine any fantastic horror movie slipping through the cracks. The criminally small splash of We Are Still Here proves that it’s still possible.

This thoroughly terrifying haunted house horror is sure to send chills up the spine of even the most demented horror fanatic. If you, like too many others, have yet to see We Are Still Here, you should be turning off the lights and booting up Netflix now. 

In We Are Still Here, the tragedy of a lost child, the hostility of a New England winter, and a house with a dark past coalesce into a truly terrifying experience. When Anne and Paul Sacchetti’s son dies in a car accident, they decide to move to rural Massachusetts where they hope to process their grief. Anne soon feels the presence of her son—but the ghostly happenings in their new home aren’t being caused by someone who loved Anne or Paul. 

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A neighbor claims that the first residents of the house were graverobbers and thieves who haunt the house as retribution for being run out of town. It becomes apparent very quickly that the new residents are not welcome—in their home or in the town.

New to the game director Ted Geoghegan expertly ratchets up the horror inside the house without falling prey to easy scares or clichéd jumps. After the slow burn of the first half, all hell breaks loose. Menacing locals, evil spirits, and ghosts all try to take down the Sacchettis. You’ll be locking your doors and drawing your blinds in no time. 

Check out the We Are Still Here teaser below. Then stream it on Netflix or rent it from Amazon. Just be careful about watching it before bed.


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Featured Still from We Are Still Here