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My Friend Dahmer Trailer Shows the Birth of a Killer

There's something wrong with Jeffrey...

my friend dahmer season 2
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The first trailer for My Friend Dahmer hit the internet this weekend. The movie is based on a graphic novel written by one of Dahmer’s actual high school friends (My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf) and features former Disney star Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer. When the film was screened at film festivals earlier this year, critics raved about the creepy, yet nuanced portrayal of Dahmer.

This take on Dahmer shows how he was failed at nearly every possible moment by his family, friends, teachers, and acquaintances. From his repressed sexuality to the encouragement of his friends to act ‘weird’, Dahmer was far from alone as he travelled down his twisted path. Although there was something rotten in the killer all along, there were moments throughout the course of Dahmer's—and his victims'—lives could have been changed.

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The trailer promises all of the creepy factors one expects from a movie about a real-life serial killer, along with insight into Dahmer's life before we knew him as the "Milwaukee Cannibal." Prepare to be freaked out, and watch the trailer below.

My Friend Dahmer will arrive in theaters this fall.

Featured still of "My Friend Dahmer" via FilmRise