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Satan at the Door: The Sinister Events Surrounding Jeffrey Konvitz's 1974 Cult Horror Novel The Sentinel

After the success of his bestselling horror thriller, Konvitz found himself face to face with a knife-wielding Satanist.

By Jeffrey Konvitz

GIVEAWAY: Win Three New Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror!

Saga Press knows how to terrify—and we're giving away three of their most frightening reads!

By Matthew Thompson

Hans Holzer: America’s First Ghost Hunter

Hans Holzer was his name, contacting the dead was his game.

By Orrin Grey

The Creepy Halloween Legend of Mary Meinert’s Grave

Those that have gotten close enough say the statue weeps tears of blood.

By Jessica Ferri

Los Feliz Murder House: The L.A. Dream Home That Turned into a Nightmare

It was an enviable abode—until Harold Perelson turned it into a house of horrors.

By Chris Mahon

Esme: The Playful Halloween Spirit That Haunts Katherine Neville's Home

Soon after moving into her historic Virginia home, author Katherine Neville realized she wasn't alone...

By Katherine Neville

Here Are the Best Horror Movies on Netflix You Should Watch This October

The most terrifying time of the year is upon us. Ready for a frightening night in?

By Matthew Thompson, Catherine Phelan & Xavier Piedra

All Eight Seasons of American Horror Story, Ranked from Worst to Best

Some were hits, some were misses—and we have strong opinions about them all.

By Olivia Mason

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