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Fright Night: 9 of the Best Recent Horror Movies You May Have Missed

These underrated horror flicks still haunt our nightmares.

by Jessica Ferri

The New Midsommar Trailer Finds Darkness in the Light

Even the brightest days can hide terrifying secrets.

by Catherine Phelan

7 Infamous Spirits Haunting New Orleans’ St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 

The living just can't seem to rest in this famously haunted cemetery.

by Kristen Wheeler

11 True Crime Books for Ann Rule Fans

Add these books about disturbing cases to your list.

by The Lineup Staff

6 Ghostly Legends from the Philippines

Sleep tight, don't let the manananggal bite. 

by Stephanie Almazan

Into the Storm: The Vanishing of Ambrose Small  

After signing the biggest deal of his life, Ambrose Small walked into a snowstorm and was never seen again.

by Gary Sweeney

51 Scariest Books of the Last 200 Years

Because a truly scary story is timeless.

by Sarah Mangiola

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