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Sit Down With John E. Douglas and The Killer Across the Table

The author of Mindhunter's latest book brings his most terrifying cases to new light.

by Catherine Phelan

Madame Delphine Lalaurie: The Most Evil Woman in New Orleans

The secret locked in her mansion attic was so vile, it inspired centuries of ghost stories, crime books, and even a character on American Horror Story.

by Steven Casale

Helter Skelter: A Look Inside the Manson Family Murders

How the brutal murder of Sharon Tate and other socialites foreshadowed the end of hippie culture.  

by John Freund

Donald Henry Gaskins: The "Pee Wee" Killer

Always mocked for his size, Gaskins was intent on getting the last laugh.

by Shannon Raphael

Resurrection Mary: The Eerie Tale of Chicago's Most Famous Ghost

They say her spirit dances past the cemetery at night, dressed entirely in white.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

The Untold True Story of the Five Women Killed by Jack the Ripper 

Hallie Rubenhold retraces the footsteps of the five victims murdered by London’s infamous serial killer. 

by Matthew Thompson

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