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8 Unnatural Horror Books to Read if You're a Libra

Nail-biting, quiet horrors for the honorable peacekeepers of the zodiac.

horror books for libras
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  • Photo Credit: "We Are All Completely Fine" by Daryl Gregory

Fall has officially set upon us, and so has Libra season! September 23rd to October 22nd belongs to the sign of the Scales. This air sign is all about equality and fairness, considering choices so thoroughly they can often be found drowning in indecision

Libras may be diplomatic and gracious, but be forewarned: if you get on their bad side, they are the best at holding a grudge. They love living in harmony, and even the smallest hint of imbalance throws them into a tizzy. Because of their soft hearts, they can be a bit squeamish about violence.

So what do Libras look for in a horror book? Their traits might seem contrary to the genre, but horror is full of creativity and variety. Here are eight blood-curdling horror books for Libras.

December Park

December Park

By Ronald Malfi

Libras are known for their gentle temperament, and as such they tend not to like gratuitous violence. For those who still like a dose of scares, quiet horror like Ronald Malfi's December Park is a great fit.

In 1993, 15-year-old Angelo Mazzone sees his very first dead body. It's a murder linked to the abduction of three other kids who've vanished over the last few months. Kids who have yet to be seen. It's said that the Piper has come to take the children away. And while some say the woods are haunted, Angelo and his friends venture in to track down a monster.

What they discover amongst the trees will change everything.

best stephen king books

Pet Semetary

By Stephen King

The sign of the Scale is all about balance. To them, there's nothing more terrifying than throwing off the delicate harmony of nature...

Dr. Louis Creed and his family move to the quiet town of Ludlow, Maine to have a fresh start. But their new beginning turns into a fresh hell. An eerie, makeshift graveyard full of once beloved pets speaks to the dangers of the trucks speeding down the road. But are the Creed's prepared for the sinister power the graveyard itself holds?

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The Cabin at the End of the World

By Paul Tremblay

Although this air sign loves balance, they can be indecisive in their pursuit of it. One hard decision for the greater good could drag a Libra into a living nightmare.

Eric, Andrew, and their seven-year-old daughter, Wen are on vacation in an isolated New Hampshire cabin when a hulking stranger approaches the little girl. He's gentle and charming and wins Wen's favor quickly—until their conversation takes an eerie turn. "None of what's going to happen is your fault," he tells her, as three more strangers descend upon the cabin.

A terrible choice must be made. One member of their small family has to die. They have to decide which one. And if they don't, the world will end.



By Dave Zeltserman

The trait most famously associated with Libra is their sense of justice. In darker stories, this can manifest itself as a vicious hunger for vengeance.

Friedrich Hoffman is sentenced to death after being framed for his fiancée's murder. But that's somehow not the worst of it. After being slain in front of a raucous crowd, he awakes once more on a lab table, transformed into a horrific abomination. Though he's disoriented, it doesn't take him long to figure out where he is, what he's become, and who is behind all of his suffering.

Friedrich travels a long way to hunt down Victor Frankenstein, but when he finds him, he discovers that the fiend is working with the Marquis de Sade on a creature that's even more terrifying.

gothic horror novels mexican gothic

Mexican Gothic

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Appealing again to this air sign's sense of justice, social horror like Silvia Moreno-Garcia's Mexican Gothic shines an eerie light on the very real struggles we face in society. Socialite Noemí Taboada arrives at High Place in the distant Mexican countryside after receiving a letter from her newly married cousin that she must be saved from a mysterious danger. Noemí doesn't know the handsome Englishman her cousin has married, and the region is even more foreign to her.

However, while Noemí has a glamorous exterior, she is just as tough and intelligent. She refuses to be afraid of either her cousin's alluring husband or his over-attentive father. And as the house begins to invade her dreams, pulling her into nightmares of blood and doom, she refuses to be scared of even it, too.

Savage Woods

Savage Woods

By Mary SanGiovanni

Libras tend to have a fondness for the outdoors. A fondness that can sometimes be misplaced...

In New Jersey's Pine Barren sits more than 600 acres of haunted woods called Nilhollow. Urban legends of tree spirits and forest gods intermingle with hikers who have gone mad and killed themselves. Julia Russo flees to this notorious patch of land after her abusive ex-boyfriend runs her off the road. And within the woods, she disappears.

State Trooper Peter Grainger has seen plenty of unexplainable and unspeakable things. But he won't turn back from his search for Julia, no matter what. Every step closer pulls him deeper into a centuries-old darkness waiting to swallow humankind whole.

we are all completely fine

We Are All Completely Fine

By Daryl Gregory

Going hand in hand with their cooperative and gentle nature, Libras are gentle creatures who love sharing. Sometimes what they share is deep, supernatural trauma—like in this World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson Award Winning book.

Harrison was the closest thing to a breathing storybook hero: the Monster Detective. But now he slides through his mid-30s popping pills and spiraling through insomnia. Stan, on the other hand, became a bit of a celebrity after he was partially eaten by cannibals. Barbara bears the burden of hidden messages carved into her bones. The jury's still out on whether or not Greta is a mass-murdering arsonist. And there's got to be a reason Martin never takes off his sunglasses.

Each of their horrific tales are treated like works of fiction—until psychotherapist Dr. Jan Sayer finds them. This odd collection of people with even odder experiences forms a support group. But which monsters are buried inside them, and which walk through the streets?

these witches don't burn

These Witches Don’t Burn

By Isabel Sterling

Hannah isn't the kind of witch most people think of when they hear the word. She's legit—an Elemental who can control fire, earth, water, and air. But her magic has to be kept a secret even in her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. If the secret gets out, she could lose her powers for good. So instead of showing off, Hannah dedicates her time to avoiding her ex, fellow Elemental Veronica, chilling with her best friend, and selling metaphysical doodads to tourists and local Wiccans.

But when a blood ritual derails the end-of-school bonfire, suddenly Hannah's problems seem much bigger than her ex-girlfriend. Dark magic is rearing its head all over Salem, and while Hannah is certain it's the work of a Blood Witch, her coven has their doubts. Now to follow her gut she has to team up with the last person she wants to be around. Veronica.