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8 Fiery Horror Books to Read if You're an Aries

Visceral, hands-on scares for the blood-thirsty Rams of the zodiac.

horror books for aries season
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Aries season stretches from March 21st to April 19th, marking the time of the fiery sign of the Ram. Calling individuals under this sign "head strong" would be an understatement. While they are courageous, they are also stubborn. While they are confident, they are also arrogant. And while they are deeply passionate, they are also highly aggressive.

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It's not so easy to get the blood of an Aries pumping. But the visceral nature of horror is a really good place to start. Whether you're a combative Ram yourself or just looking for an outlet for your temperamental and horned love ones, here are eight horror books that are perfect for Aries season.

Dark Channel

Dark Channel

By Ray Garton

Hester Thorne has a retreat off in the mountains that people flock to from all around the globe. As the captivating leader of the Universal Enlightened Alliance, Hester draws people in with her wisdom and messages of peace that come from Orrin, the centuries-old entity she channels. The visitors have come to give Hester, the Alliance, and Orrin their money and time—though some make an even greater contribution...

Jordan Cross is searching for a reporter who vanished in the midst of an investigation into the Alliance. Lauren Schroeder is desperate to find her husband, who kidnapped their son and joined the Alliance. The two of them pair up to dive deep behind the meditative front of the Universal Enlightened Alliance to uncover the truth of a terrifying ancient cult.

For a sign that loves leadership roles so much, cult-based horror gives a taste of the slippery slope.



By Daniel Levine

Aries have a tendency to be moody and impatient, something that probably isn't that big of a deal for anyone who isn't, say, a mad scientist...

Hyde never knows when he's going to rise to the surface and gain control of the body, subjected to the whims of Dr. Jekyll and his strange potions. But as he lies dormant, he observes Dr. Jekyll live his high-class life—a life Hyde has no influence over. The experiment drags on, and soon the existence of the both of them falls under threat. It is not just the uncertainties of untested science they fall under the eye of, but a mysterious stalker on the streets of London.

Hyde is being provoked, maybe even framed. Girls has disappeared. Someone has been murderer. And from within the shadows, there is always someone watching him. But when consciousness blurs so messily, how can Hyde ever truly know if it was his own hands that carried out this brutal crimes?



By MJ Preston

The sign of the Ram is one of the most aggressive signs of the zodiac, and while that doesn't necessarily mean that all individuals of the sign are violent, they're sure more likely to enjoy a horror book that is.

Lance Belanger has but one dream: to be history's most infamous killer. His serial killing career begins with the murder of a single mother and her toddler, and escalates to bodies all over the country. His victims are first incapacitated with a puncture to the spine, and then, while they're still alive, they are dismembered.

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He's called the "Highwayman" by the FBI, but the investigators have little else than the bodies themselves. Veteran FBI agent Lewis Ash has his retirement looming over head, and a gruesome and elusive murderer who leaves behind no DNA or forensic evidence. And little does Ash know, Belanger is about to up his game—and his body count.

When Werewolves Attack

When Werewolves Attack

By Del Howison

Aries love physicality—especially when it presents a challenge. So why not bring some practicality to heart-pounding horror and drop them in the thick of it?

This book is an essential survival guide to werewolves. There has been extensive documentation of lycanthropes from Europe to the United States, but the cursed beasts are still greatly misunderstood. This insightful read aims to cover all the diverse elements that go into these fascinating—and dangerous—creatures. How do you detect a werewolf in human form? What do you do if a family member has turned? How do you defend yourself against an attack, with what weapons and defenses, both inside and in the tricky terrain of the woods? More practically, how do you escape from a shapeshifter's savage attack? Read to find out.



By Graham Masterton

Community is very important to Aries—Rams are herd animals after all—but that can cause some tricky conflict when that drive clashes with their "every person for themselves" attitude. And as this book by Graham Masterton shows, community isn't always so nice...

After Michael Spencer gets in a car accident that kills his girlfriend, he awakens in a hospital in a small town in Montana. As he convalesces there, he grows close to the locals, who seem to be clever and charming, if not occasionally arrogant and difficult. He forms an especially close tie to a smart and pretty townie girl, all while keeping in touch with family through email and phone calls.

However, as he regains his mobility, he finds to community to be strange. People disappear with no explanation, never to be mentioned again. Strangers are constantly coming and going, but the locals all ignore them. Michael is preparing to go back home when his new girlfriend disappears. He stays behind to investigate, and the truth behind his time is more shocking than he himself can conceive.



By Octavia E. Butler

 Lilith Iyapo husband and son are lost as Earth is consumed by atomic fire. It is an event that herald's the last stage of the planet's final war. Hundreds of years later, Lilith wakes up. She's in the hold of a spacecraft piloted by aliens called the Oankali, who had arrived just in time to prevent the complete extinction of the human race.

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Lilith and other survivors have been kept sleeping for centuries while the Oankali learned everything about Earth. It is up to Lilith to guide them back to her home, where things will be quite different resettled among the Oankali. After all, the Oankali live by genetically merging with primitive civilizations—with the consent of their hosts or otherwise. And as Earth is freshly inhabited, humanity will be come slightly less human.

Aries are optimists who love new beginnings, but this gripping sci-fi horror read just goes to show you that not all new beginnings are as exciting as you'd like.

Blood Soaked & Contagious

Blood Soaked & Contagious

By James Crawford

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is named after the Roman god of war. In line with their more aggressive tendencies, this sign tends to have a fascination with war and battles. And what could be more apt in horror than a fight against zombies?

Frank is a zombie killer-for-hire. But in this apocalypse, zombie's aren't the brainless creatures of decay we're all so familiar with. They're just as smart as they were before death, but faster and stronger, and a lot less inhibited. With claws...

Still, Frank faces off against them for the sake of his community—and money, of course. And he's good at it. Until a bungled military operation to exterminate an organized group of the undead sees them move in closer on his territory. He's never gone toe-to-toe with anyone as clever and crazy as the new Zombie Overlord, but he's not going to let this necrotic villain wipe out his home.



By Joe Hill

How could we produce any astrological horror book list for the sign of the Ram without Horns? It's a bit obvious, but it's also incredibly apt. Aries love honesty and taking things on by themselves—two traits wholly embodied by this great read by Joe Hill.

After a night spent drunk and on a spree of the immoral, Ignatius Perrish awakens with not just a hangover, but a pair of horns sprouting from his temples. He thinks, at first, that it must be a grief-driven hallucination—just one more sign of the damage left behind in the wake of the death of his love, Merrin Williams, who'd been raped and murdered a year ago. But the horns are not the latest symptom in a mental breakdown. They are his new reality.

Ig once had a privileged life, made all the more complete by the love he shared with Merrin. But after her death, Ig was the only suspect in the crime. And while he was never charged or tried, his name was never cleared, either. While the court of public opinion still holds him in contempt, he finds his horns come with an ominous new power—the power to compel those around him to confess their deepest and darkest secret desires. The perfect weapon in his mission for revenge.