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20 Horrifying Real-Life Haunted Houses

There's no place like home.

We write about plenty of creepy destinations at The Lineup, but the chilling tales behind these old homes take the cake. Here are 20 real-life haunted houses and the ghost stories they contain. From unexplained knocking, howling and screaming, to ghost-sightings, murders and more, these eerie spots will make your residence look like a paradise. Unless, of course, it belongs on this list…

1. The Whaley House: The Most Haunted Home in America

real haunted houses tours
  • Photo Credit: Alik Griffin / Flickr

Twice called the most haunted house in America, the Whaley House sits quietly on a small street in San Diego. Its placid exterior masks a terrifying history that affects its present state. READ MORE.

2. The Blood-Soaked Legend of the Gardette-LePrete Mansion

haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In 1836 New Orleans, a passerby entered the Gardette-LePrete mansion and discovered a scene of unimaginable horror. Peer into the gory legend of this eerie French Quarter estate. READ MORE.

3. Borley Rectory: The Most Haunted House in England

barley rectory haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They called it “the most haunted house in England.” In the sleepy Essex parish of Borley stood the Borley Rectory, a dark Victorian manse plagued by reports of the paranormal. READ MORE.

4. The Eerie Mystery of the Phelps Mansion Knockings

phelps mansion
  • Photo Credit: American Ghost Stories

Soon after moving into their stately Stratford mansion in 1848, the Phelps family realized they were not alone. Unearth the eerie mystery of the Phelps Mansion knockings. READ MORE.

5. The Mudhouse Mansion Murder Mystery

abandoned mansions
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the farm fields of Ohio stood a stately brick mansion with a sinister reputation. Discover the enduring mystery of the Mudhouse Mansion, an abandoned estate in the American heartland that inspired numerous ghastly tales. READ MORE.

6. Ghost Light in the Window: The Drish House Haunting

drish house
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They say the widow’s ghost lingers in the tower and sets the house ablaze with phantom fire. Step inside the Drish House, Tuscaloosa’s stately haunted mansion. READ MORE.

7. Franklin Castle: The Most Haunted House in Ohio

haunted places in ohio
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Haunting this Cleveland mansion are tales of secret passages, brutal murder, and restless spirits lingering in its halls. Could Franklin Castle be the most haunted house in Ohio? READ MORE.

8. Baleroy Mansion: The Most Haunted House in Philadelphia

baleroy mansion
  • Photo Credit: Roxborough Runner / Flickr

Pennsylvania’s Baleroy Mansion is known as “The Most Haunted Home in Philadelphia.” The reason? In addition to multiple reports of paranormal activity, this stately abode is home to a cursed chair rumored to bring death upon anyone who sits in it. READ MORE.

9. The Haunted Grounds of New Orleans’ Beauregard-Keyes House

Beauregard-Keyes House haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Louisiana Travel / Flickr (CC)

The beautiful Beauregard-Keyes House, in New Orleans, boasts cheerful rooms and a lush garden. Just don’t be disturbed if the ghost of a Confederate soldier glides by while you admire the home’s creepy collection of Dixie dolls. READ MORE.

10. Blood in Brazil’s Little Castle of Apa Street

castelinho da rua apa haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Urbano Canoas / Flickr (CC)

This ruined castle in Sao Paulo was once a luxurious mansion … until it became the site of a grisly murder mystery. READ MORE.

11. Monte Christo Homestead: Australia’s Most Haunted House

Monte Cristo Homestead Australia haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Framton Goodman / Flickr (CC)

Australia’s Monte Cristo Homestead, located in Junee, New South Wales, has been called “Australia’s Most Haunted House.” Visitors today report glowing lights, strange animal mutilations, and the disembodied cries of a weeping woman. READ MORE.

12. Manhattan’s Morris-Jumel Mansion and the Angry Ghost of Eliza Jumel

Morris-Jumel Mansion Eliza Jumel haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Though she died in 1865, many say that Eliza Jumel still haunts the halls of her stately Manhattan home, the Morris-Jumel Mansion. And according to those who crossed her path, Eliza’s ghost is far from friendly. READ MORE.

13. House of Darkness: The Bloody History of Staten Island’s Kreischer Mansion

Kreischer Mansion
  • Photo Credit: mike / Flickr (CC)

In 1885, construction was completed on Staten Island’s Kreischer Mansion. In 1894, its owner committed suicide. A series of bloody deaths followed, including a gruesome mob hit in 2005. Today, the home is said to be filled with the ghosts of those who died throughout the decades. READ MORE.

14. A Ghost in the Room: The Haunted History of Rocky Hill Castle

rocky hill castle
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Multiple spirits were said to have lingered in the halls of this eerie estate in Alabama, including one spectral figure who may have been caught on camera. READ MORE.

15. The House That Never Dies: Inside Beijing’s Creepy Chaonei No. 81

Chaonei No. 81 haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Connie Ma / Flickr (CC)

Today, Chanoei No. 81 in Beijing lies in ruin. Locals, however, can attest to terrifying noises emanating from within. The activity is so extreme, in fact, that many know of the creepy structure as “Beijing’s Most Haunted House.” READ MORE.

16. Freaky Florida: The Riddle House Hauntings

riddle house Haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Sunshine State has a dark side. Step inside the Riddle House, a former funeral parlor from 1905 where the ghosts of the past still linger in the halls. READ MORE.

17. The Winchester Mystery House

real haunted houses tours
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Nearly 100 years after the séances ceased and the hammers fell silent in Sarah Winchester’s sprawling Winchester Mystery House, the question remains: Was it a labor of love or madness? Step inside the haunted halls of the Winchester Mystery House, where stairs lead to nowhere and doors open onto dangerous three-story drops. READ MORE.

18. The Myrtles Plantation: Who’s That Girl in the Window?

myrtles plantation haunted houses
  • Photo Credit: MRHSfan / Flickr (CC)

It all started with a picture. A little girl dressed in her Antebellum best lurked in the background of a tourist’s snapshot. The photo took place on the Myrtles Plantation, an 18th century estate in rural Louisiana haunted by the ghosts of the past. READ MORE.

19. The Ghosts of The Grove

real haunted houses tours
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t be fooled by its inviting name. On a quiet street in Texas sits The Grove, a stately dwelling from 1861 known the most haunted home in the Lone Star State. READ MORE.

20. The Sinister Spirits of Manhattan’s House of Death

house of death
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It’s known as Manhattan’s House of Death, and for good reason: tragic demises and encounters with an evil presence have haunted this home for decades. READ MORE.

Published on 20 Oct 2016

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