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Necromancy: The Dark History of Raising the Dead

There's a lot more to raising spirits than you might think.

Judith Ann Neelley: The Teen Bride Turned Cold-Blooded Murderer

Judith Ann was just 15 years old when she married known criminal Alvin Neelley. Together, they soon set out on a depraved crime spree.

What’s Inside the Cage of Bones?

The basement stank of death, and it contained a terrifying secret ...

Myra Hindley & Ian Brady: The Moors Murderers

These sadistic killers shocked the world with their horrific crimes.

When Obsession Turns Deadly

New neighbors Jennie and Martha formed an instant bond that deteriorated into something much more sinister.

A Child Without a Soul

She would do ANYTHING to get what she wants.

She Fell in Love with Her Fiancé’s Killer

For Hope Masters, love blossomed in the strangest place.

Death by Battery Acid

Murderers Carol Giles and Tim Collier worried their best friend would turn them in, so they found a way to keep her quiet ...

The Professor and the Prostitute: A Lesson in Dead Body Disposal

After murdering his call-girl mistress, university professor William Douglas needed a genius plan to hide the evidence – and fast.

Who Killed Carolyn Collins?

The rope snaked a path to the kitchen, and ended around her neck.

A Kidnapping Gone Wrong

Struggling psychic Myra Savage craves notoriety, and she will do anything to get it ... even the unthinkable.

What Really Happened the Night Natalie Wood Died

Hollywood's medical examiner Dr. Thomas Noguchi reveals what happened the night Natalie Wood died ... and the report he received after the case was closed.

The Unsolved Murder of Teenager Kaitlyn Arquette

In "Who Killed My Daughter?", a mother searches for the truth behind her daughter’s tragic death.

10 Victorian Era-Set Novels That Will Give You Chills

These suspenseful, creepy reads combine a late 19th-century love of grisly murder and the paranormal.

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