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Keep the lights on while you watch these stories unfold.

Want more than just a news headline? True crime is a popular genre for a reason. These are deep dives into stories that stir curiosity. What drove people to commit such crimes? How’d they get away with it? Or how were they caught? Social media has seen a resurgence of true crime content, but it’s always been consistently popular as one of the most common genres across forms of media including TV, movies, and books. 

There’s never a shortage of true crime documentaries to discover. From YouTube to most every streaming platform there’s a collection of new true crime stories to fascinate and apall. Ranging from high-profile cases like the one covered on The Staircase or Making a Murderer, to renowned criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, from small-town mysteries like the one covered in the podcast Serial to the unsolved cases explored on Unsolved Mysteries, there is something for everyone. Whatever your morbid curiosity, there’s likely a true-crime documentary out there about it. 

Here are some chilling places to start: 

And once you’ve finished these, peruse the stories below—you’re sure to find something to capture your interest!


9 Killer True Crime Documentaries You Need to Watch Now

From a violent act of passion to the brutal crimes of an ice-cold killer, the truth never looked so terrifying in these thrilling docs.