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Unexplained phenomena, hauntings, and more populate our favorite stories about the weird and unusual around the world.

7 Most Extreme Haunted Houses Across the U.S.

Enter at your own risk: These demented dens of horror are home to some of your worst nightmares.

The Truth Behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Take a midnight ride through the historic village of Sleepy Hollow, where Washington Irving's eerie legend lives on.

The Paris Catacombs: A Journey Into the Empire of the Dead

Beneath the streets of Paris is a massive maze of death lined with the remains of six million souls.

Skinwalker Ranch: Utah’s Hotbed of Paranormal Activity

This lonely ranch in Utah is haunted by ghostly voices, strange sightings, and UFO encounters.

The Haunting Legacy of Ralph Eugene Meatyard

The photographer’s unsettling visual style lives on in these nightmarish shots of masked children and abandoned buildings.

Coiba Island: A Haunted Prison in Paradise

Surrounded by lush forest and exotic wildlife is an island prison in ruins, containing dark secrets.

14 Most Haunted B&Bs in America

Looking for a spooky place to spend the night?

Alcatraz: Explore America’s Most Famous Prison

It's impossible to escape the perilous history of this jagged piece of land in San Francisco Bay.

Kaena Point: Hawaii’s Leaping Point to the Spirit World

Kaena Point: Hawaii’s Leaping Point to the Spirit World

Journey to Oahu’s westernmost point, where according to Hawaiian legend souls leap into the afterlife leaving only the echo of their voices behind.

Welcome to Dismaland! Street Artist Banksy Opens Bizarre Theme Park

“The UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction.”

10 Most Haunted Places in London

From the ghosts of Westminster Abbey to the bloody trail of Jack the Ripper, join us on a tour of the most haunted places in London.

9 Most Haunted Movie Theaters in America

Horror flicks aren't the only thing that will give you the chills in these haunted movie houses.

Eternal Vacancy: 5 Abandoned Resorts From Around the Globe

Eternal Vacancy: 5 Abandoned Resorts From Around the Globe

From the eerie mountains of northern Italy to the haunted shores of the Black Sea, the only guests of these deserted retreats are the ghosts of the past.

9 Incredible Corpses That Never Decomposed

From frozen Arctic explorers to incorrupt saints, the eerily preserved bodies of these long-lost souls refuse to leave the physical world.

23 Parents Describe Their Kids’ Creepy Imaginary Friends

Forget runny noses or messy diapers—the real nightmare of parenting is a spine-chilling encounter with your child's creepy imaginary friend.

10 Most Haunted Places in Savannah

Join us on a moonlit tour of the Hostess City. 

Off with Their Heads: Twisted Trick Photography from the Victorian Era

Crack open the bizarre, death-obsessed world of decapitation trick photography in this killer collection of Victorian headless portraits.

Hart Island: The Big Apple’s Mass Burial Ground of Unknown Dead

Unearth the eerie history of Hart Island, a massive cemetery off the coast of New York City where over one million souls are entombed in unmarked graves.

10 Creepy and Beautiful Cemeteries to Visit Once in Your Life

From the cobblestone paths of Pere-Lachaise to a quiet Kansas graveyard that hides a gate to Hell, these creepy cemeteries are definitely worth a trip.

Les Diableries: 3-D Views of the Underworld

Les Diableries: 3-D Views of the Underworld

Diabolical visions of Hell spring to life in this eye-popping collection of stereoscopic images from Victorian France.