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Enchanting Gifts for the Witch in Your Life

Sure to bewitch and beguile...

cgifts for witches
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Gone are the days when witches had to hide in the shadows. Thanks to the many notable witches who’ve trailblazed their way forward despite misunderstanding, harassment, and persecution, witches today are free to step boldly out of the proverbial broom closet.

Once a derisive term, "witch" is now a word that many wear enthusiastically. Though there are still some places in the world where it’s not safe to openly identify as a witch, the modern witch movement has exploded into the mainstream consciousness in recent years. In the social media sphere, you’ll find witches everywhere from #witchtok to #witchesofinstagram.

It’s a whole new frontier for the witch community, and if you’ve got a beloved witch in your life, you may be wondering the best way to communicate just how rad you think they are. We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled some of the best gifts for witches, appropriate for not only Christmas or Hanukkah but also Yule, Saturnalia—and every other witchy holiday on the wheel of the year.

The Wild Unknown Journal 

the wild unknown journal by kim krans

Kim Krans is an artistic legend in the magical community—and for good reason. She first exploded onto the witchy scene with her wildly popular Wild Unknown tarot deck, which has since spawned an entire line of archetype and oracle decks as well as books and other collectibles. The Wild Unknown journal is unlike any journal on the market—a space where creativity, imagination, inspiration, and magic come to life on the page.

Black Obsidian Runes

black obsidian runes

Runes are an ancient divination tool believed to originate with Germanic peoples in the areas now known as Denmark, Sweden, and North Germany. While this tool has often been used to divine insight for the future, it is also popularly used as a way to invoke a more intuitive connection to the present moment. Black obsidian is a protection stone believed to repel negative energy, making it particularly ideal for divinatory practices.

Spell Bound: A New Witch's Guide to Crafting the Future by Chaweon Koo

spell bound by chaweon koo

While there are so many seminal and classic books of witchcraft, this is one of my absolute favorites to be released in recent years. Not only is it relevant to the concerns of our modern times, it's also just exquisitely designed. The artwork, the typography—often the words and images spiral on the page, so that reading the book is its own kind of bewitching spell. I highly recommend this book for both new and established practitioners of the magical arts.

The Cup of Destiny

the cup of destiny

A cult favorite, this divination teacup belongs in every witch's kitchen cupboard. Not only is it pretty to look at—it makes for charming photos!—it's also perfect for reading tea leaves or coffee grounds. It comes complete with instructions on this ancient method! 

Basic Witch T-Shirt

basic witch tee

Okay, so we all love the romanticized image of a witch—a person in a dark hooded cloak in the middle of the woods, hovering over a large cauldron billowing with steam. Perhaps once in a while, a witch has an opportunity to participate in a clandestine and mysterious ritual that looks magical and ethereal but let's be real—most of us live in the real world. We do everyday things like take out the garbage, sip lattes, and binge-watch our favorite tv shows. This t-shirt is the perfect way to signal your witchiness with a wink and a nod while running your muggle errands.

Modern Witch Tarot Deck

modern witch tarot deck

Any witch worth their salt has a tarot deck—and likely several. The Modern Witch deck is inspired by the iconic artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith in the classic Smith Waite cards—but it's been given a modern twist. The witches in these decks are clearly positioned in the real world, complete with everyday items like smart devices and headphones.

Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life by Veronica Varlow

bohemian magick

Again, with so many great witchcraft and spell books out there, it's hard to know which ones to choose. But Bohemian Magick by Veronica Varlow is another stunning new release that is truly one of a kind. This gorgeous hardcover edition is one part magick spell book, one part secret mystery school, and one part art collectible. The author is the last daughter in a long line of Bohemian Witches—and this book guides you through spells, rituals, and secret lineage magick. Exquisitely designed and expertly curated, this magical tome belongs on every witch's book shelf.

Tarot Wall Tapestry - The Moon

the moon tarot wall tapestry

Many witches have a very special relationship with the cycles of the moon. The Moon card in tarot is often a favorite—and this wall tapestry adds a spark of enchantment to any witch's living space.

The High Priestess tarot earrings

the high priestess tarot earrings

In tarot, the High Priestess is connected to mystery, intuition, and mysticism. In fact, in many modern tarot decks this card—major arcana number two—has been renamed "The Witch." These tarot earrings are a stylish way for any witch to add a bit of extra mystique to their daily ensembles.

The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

the moon book

There are so many books on the moon and moon magic, it's hard to know where to begin! But in my humble opinion, this book is one of the very best. Sarah Faith Gottesdeiner has been teaching moon magic for years and is well known for her cult favorites, the Many Moons workbooks and the Many Moons planner. This incredible book is a compilation of the author's many years of personal study and practice. It's practical, down to earth, grounded in personal experience, and anchored by a commitment to ethics. Guiding practitioners to cultivate their own relationship with the cycles of the moon, this is one of the more thoughtful and unique books on lunar magic out there.

Small Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron

triple moon cast iron cauldron

What witch is complete without their cauldron? This cute cast iron cauldron is sure to charm any witch. It makes a great gift alone, but you could also fill it with incense cones and crystals so they've got everything they need to start casting spells.

Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica

witchcraft, the library of esoterica

Where do I even begin? Every witch in your life wants this book, period. The third in TASCHEN's Library of Esoterica series, this book is a pure work of art. Edited by Jessica Hundley and Pam Grossman, Witchcraft initiates readers into witchcraft's strange and wondrous history through art, symbolism, legend, folklore, myth, and more. This is one of those treasures that will not only be savored slowly, but ultimately passed down through generations as a precious heirloom.

The Severed Moon: A Yearlong Journal of Magic by Leigh Bardugo

the severed moon by leigh bardugo

Many readers will know of Leigh Bardugo as the author of hit dark fantasy Grishaverse series—recently adapted as the Netflix series Shadow and Bone. What they may not realize is that she is also the author of The Severed Moon, a yearlong journal designed to help people "learn to wring magic from the ordinary." Each page contains a prompt intended to guide readers through a 365-day journey of magical reflection.

Small Chime Candles, Assorted Colors

colorful chime candles

A must in any witch's magical cabinet, these chime candles come in assorted colors and will set your favorite witch up for a year filled with candle spells. 

City Witchery by Lisa Marie Basile

city witchery by lisa marie basille

Why do forest witches get all the attention? I'm a big fan of Lisa Marie Basile's work but what I love about City Witchery is that it situates the craft within the context of modern city life. No longer will you or your favorite witch feel like you must go off the grid in order to practice witchcraft. This book provides practical tips and accessible reflections on making magic in any metropolis setting.

Ouija board

ouija board

You didn't think you were getting out of here without mention of a Ouija board, did you? Sometimes a witch just wants to have a little fun.

Village Witch Mug

village witch mug

Who doesn't want to be the village witch? This mug is perfect for sipping coffee or tea. And remember: when you stir your hot beverage in the morning, whisper an incantation or blessing for your day. The best magic is made in mundane moments and small rituals throughout the day!

What We See in the Stars: A 12-Notebook Set

astrology notebooks

A charming gift for star-gazers, astrologers, and witches of all stripes, this set of 12 notebooks features lined, dotted, and graph pages. Each of the 12 covers features paintings of the 12 zodiac constellations. These notebooks are ideal for capturing inspiration, logging spells, writing down dreams—and anything else a witch can imagine.