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Horror Book Recommendations for May Birthdays

Whether you were born in May—or you just like creepy books—you'll find something delectable on this list. 

taurus and gemini may birthday book recommendations

Since May is my birthday month, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of book recommendations loosely based on the two astrology signs in May, Taurus (May 1st-21st) and Gemini (May 20th-June 20th). All of my life I’ve been aware of astrology and zodiac signs but have never done a deep dive or put too much stock in a daily horoscope.

However, having read a lot about my own sign, I know that the attributes of Geminis are strikingly accurate and therefore, hard to ignore or pass off as “silly”. Just for fun, let’s take a look at these two signs, and then maybe, just maybe, these horror book recommendations will be successful for readers out there with May birthdays. Happy Birthday!

Taurus symbol

Venus-ruled sign
Zodiac symbol: The Bull
Zodiac element: Earth

Interesting attributes: Content/satisfied. Stability. Practical. Grounded & logical. Highly committed to their own comfort. Thrive in routine. Patient and steady. Love predictability. Prefer things to be consistent and reliable rather than chaotically good. Dependable. Overcome obstacles. 

Flaws: Selfish. Stubborn (bull-headed). Tend to be apathetic to the needs of those around them. Can be tight-fisted with money/greed. Immune or resistant to criticism. Slow to change their mind. Strong-willed. Can be emotionally or physically lazy. Can become over-indulgent in vices. 

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Taurus Book Recommendations

The Hacienda by Isabel Canas

The Hacienda

By Isabel Cañas

Taurus readers understand the need for stability and comfort. That’s why they should read The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas. The main character has been reduced to a servant with no personal agency and no future after her father was murdered in the Mexican War for Independence. At a party, she meets a wealthy widower who owns a large estate; she seizes the opportunity to change her destiny and become the woman of The Hacienda Isidro. Of course, things don’t go according to plan. Taurus readers will love the hidden love story and the haunted house vibes

The Book of the Most Precious Substance

The Book of the Most Precious Substance

By Sara Gran

If I know anything about Taurus readers, it’s that they like their books to have a little bit of smut and spice. The Book of the Most Precious Substance is about a rare book dealer who makes a startling discovery; a 17th-century sex magic manual said to be the most powerful book of the occult. An erotic thriller about books and sexual pleasure? What more would a Taurus desire?

Read an excerpt of Come Closer by Sara Gran

Woman Eating by Claire Kohda

Woman, Eating

By Claire Kohda

This is a debut novel about a young vampire’s relationship with food and her personal, inner turmoil fighting inner demons. Taurus readers will enjoy delving into Lydia’s development as she struggles to find a balance between living a normal life as an artist and her insatiable (morally questionable) appetite for human blood. 

Mary by Nat Cassidy

Mary: An Awakening of Terror

By Nat Cassidy

This book might appeal to Taurus readers due to the nature of the main character; a middle-aged woman trying to do her best to be invisible to everyone. However, Mary has been feeling different. There are voices in her head and changes to her physical health. Looking to do some serious introspection, Mary moves back to her hometown. However, her strange, new behaviors begin to overwhelm her. She discovers they may be connected to an infamous serial killer

Taurus readers will delight in discovering what exactly is happening to Mary. 

The Women Could Fly by Megan Giddings

The Women Could Fly

By Megan Giddings

Taurus readers will be enthralled with themes of the limits women face at the core of this dystopian novel. Witches are real and single women are closely monitored to see if they are exhibiting any suspicious behavior. The state mandates all women to be married by thirty years of age. Josephine Thomas is not ready to surrender her autonomy. At twenty-eight years of age, letting go of control seems like her imminent future. She’s offered the opportunity to honor one last request from her mother’s will-her mother disappeared fourteen years ago, but this recent development brings Josephine closer to her mother than ever before. 

Gemini Symbol

Gemini (Latin for “twins”)
Mercury-ruled sign
Zodiac symbol: The Twins
Zodiac element: Air

Interesting attributes: Intelligent. Pick up new knowledge quickly. Perceptive. Quick-witted/funny. Intuitive. Have a great read on people. Excellent communicators. Versatile. Introverted and extroverted. Can exist in duality. Quick to read the room and adapt to it quickly. Life of the party or a wallflower depending on mood. Afraid of being alone. Usually have a stable life partner and an expansive social circle. Reactive on their own emotions instead of content to just feel them. Insecurities are born out of externalizing emotions and being misunderstood. 

Flaws: Indecisive at times. Dual nature. Difficulty understanding the emotional consequences of their actions. Anxious or flighty. “On to the next”. Moody. Inconsistent. Untrustworthy or gossipy. Quick tempers. Reactive. 

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Gemini Book Recommendations

Jabone by Mónica Ojeda


By Mónica Ojeda

Gemini readers like a little bit of everything and this one promises to have it all. A psychological horror about the feminine experience and sexuality, mother/daughter relationships, dark academia, and an opportunity to enjoy a book unlike anything else out there right now. The literary style will appeal to Gemini’s intelligence, while the cultural references and riffing off of classic horror tropes will entice Gemini to stay invested. 

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Sundial by Catriona Ward, a horror novel from Tor Nightfire


By Catriona Ward

Another new release with a little bit of everything, just like Gemini readers want. Part psychological thriller, part ‘story-in-a-story’, Gemini will love the non-stop revelations and discoveries they get to make throughout this entire story. And as a special treat, the main character is a twin! Catriona Ward is a master at building tension with layered storytelling. Gemini readers will enjoy being kept on their toes!

And Then I Woke Up

And Then I Woke Up

By Malcolm Devlin

Geminis will see this phrase in the book’s description, “false narratives” and perk right up! A disease affects how reality is perceived making it difficult to know what is true and what is a lie. Spence is one of the few people able to navigate the new landscape but is unable to face reality. 

Given Gemini’s uncanny ability to sniff out bullsh*t, they are sure to enjoy this novella. 

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo

Siren Queen

By Nghi Vo

Given Geminis desire for the limelight and their ability to be the life of the party, May birthday readers might enjoy this story about a young Chinise American woman eager to do whatever it takes to be a star. She finds out that Hollywood is controlled by monsters in positions of power. The system is run by an ancient magic that sacrifices the blood of young starlets like her in order to stay successful. Luli discovers that she is willing to risk it all to achieve stardom. 

Black Mouth by Ronald Malfi

Black Mouth

By Ronald Malfi

There’s nothing a Gemini reader loves more than a nostalgic, coming-of-age horror novel in the tradition of Stephen King’s IT. Black Mouth is the story of Jamie Warren, a young man haunted by a traumatic childhood. A series of unusual events draws Jamie back to his estranged brother and their childhood friends. It becomes increasingly clear that fate has plans for them. They must confront the darkness in their past in order to face a new danger.

I already see my Gemini brethren lining up for this one!

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Happy May Birthdays!