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The Lineup Staff

Mexico – Episode 1

Mexico – Episode 1

To say we relish a good mystery is an understatement. With each episode, The Lineup Podcast unearths a new set of strange cases from around the world.

Most Wanted Reading List: The Defleshing Death Rites of Ancient Italians

In Prehistoric Italy, ancient inhabitants stripped the flesh off their dead, broke up the carcasses, and mixed the bones with animal remains.

Cold Case Sleuths: An Interview with the CCIRI

Meet the mind behind the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, a real-life detective club that tackles unsolved murders throughout history.

Most Wanted Reading List: 10 Very Bizarre Victorian Deaths

Crushed by a coffin? Chewed alive by psychotic cats? There were plenty of weird ways to die during the 1800s. Here are 10 of the strangest Victorian deaths.

No Seconds: The Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

From Gacy's bucket of fried chicken to McVeigh's bowl of ice cream, dig in to the last meals of America's death row inmates.

TLU Excerpt: Mañana, by William Hjortsberg

An American hippie’s life is upended by a gang of ex-cons in this mind-bending trip through late-sixties Mexico.

Authors of the Emerald Isle

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a lively set of Irish scribes as they discuss the rich tradition of storytelling in Ireland.

Most Wanted Reading List: Photobombed by a Teen Ghost

The Davison family thought they were just spending a sunny day at a local swim hole. Little did they know a teen ghost was trying to make her presence known.

The Dark History of the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

It was New Jersey's first public mental institution – and the place where one mad doctor's brutal methods turned the facility into a hospital of horrors.

Midnight in the Emerald Isle

Author Ken Bruen is your guide to Ireland's dark side in this killer video about Irish crime fiction.

Most Wanted Reading List: How to Get Admitted to a Victorian Asylum

Most Wanted Reading List: How to Get Admitted to a Victorian Asylum

Sun stroke? Jealousy? Dog bites? Discover the surprising reasons why patients from the 1800s ended up in a West Virginia insane asylum.

Dangerous Dames from the Land Down Under: Female Mugshots

Meet the tough female convicts of turn-of-the-century Australia in these stunning vintage mugshots.

7 Little-Known Facts About The Shining

No movie has generated more theories or more rumors than The Shining. Here’s the truth behind the trivia.

Return to Leakin Park: 6 Intriguing Developments After “Serial”

Return to Leakin Park: 6 Intriguing Developments After “Serial”

ay Wilds gave a revealing interview and Adnan has been granted another appeal. But what else has happened since the "Serial" podcast ended?

What Really Scares You?

What Really Scares You?

These authors write about murder for a living – but what happens when you spend too much time inside a killer's head?

Most Wanted List: The Great Suicide Con of 1859

Midwestern drifter A.V. Lamartine traveled from town to town in search of a sucker to nurse him back to health.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo Norman Bates

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo Norman Bates

Valentine cards featuring your favorite serial killers? You can only wish you had these in grade school.

How Not to Get Away with Murder: The Case of Ruth Snyder and Henry “Judd” Gray

How Not to Get Away with Murder: The Case of Ruth Snyder and Henry “Judd” Gray

Bored housewife Ruth Snyder thought she had hatched a clever plot to kill her husband – until she blundered her way through the entire thing.

“They’re Heeeere!”

Producer Sam Raimi remakes a new Poltergeist on the sacred burial grounds of the 1982 original.