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Most Wanted Reading List: 10 Chilling Serial Killer Interviews

Take a look, if you dare.


They're the most notorious cannibals, torturers, and serial murderers in modern history – here's what they have to say for themselves.

10 Chilling Serial Killer Interviews

These interviews are guaranteed to give you nightmares. From cannibal superstar Issei Sagawa’s stomach-churning account of necrophilia to the Son of Sam’s pact with the devil, get inside the minds of modern history’s most twisted butchers with Ranker’s dissection of archival serial killer interviews.

The Federal Reserve’s Doomsday Bunker

It’s nice to know our government was more than ready for the impending doom of the Cold War – though the blueprints of the Federal Reserve’s personal bunker suggest there was very little room for the rest of us. The Fed’s top-secret doomsday facility in Culpeper, Virginia was built in the 1970s, and included a state-of-the-art computer system, cold storage for dead bodies, and four billion in American currency – reportedly the world’s largest single-floor vault at the time. Paleofuture takes you inside.

A Fur Coat Ghost Story that Sends Shivers down Your Spine

For those who own a fur coat or are debating whether to buy one, this animated tale just might change your mind. Director Iain Gardner paints a grisly picture of heartbreak in the guise of animals slaughtered for their fur. Check out this revealing interview with Gardner, then watch his haunting short film.

The Master and His Murder Castle

America’s H. H. Holmes was the king of his “Murder Castle” in Chicago. Mind you, this was no ordinary palace. Holmes outfitted his macabre mansion with a series of underground tunnels, trapdoors, and pits to create the ideal playground for an accomplished serial killer. Harper’s ventures inside the house of horrors in this creepy article published in the 1940s.

The Mysterious Double Deaths of the Marcus Twins

Identical twin doctors Stewart and Cyril Marcus did everything together – including dying in a most mysterious fashion. Uncover the doubly disturbing case of two successful medical professionals found dead in their garbage-strewn Manhattan apartment in this grisly excerpt from The Professor and the Prostitute by Linda Wolfe.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons