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Most Wanted Reading List: Photobombed by a Teen Ghost

The Davison family thought they were just spending a sunny day at a local swim hole. Little did they know a teen ghost was trying to make her presence known.


From a story about a family fun day gone ghastly to the crime writer who created King Kong, we’ve rounded up a list of everything you should be reading this weekend.

Photobombed by the Ghost of a Teen Girl

An Australian family went for a swim at Murphy’s Hole in Brisbane, and left with some happy memories and a few snapshots of their day. On closer inspection, their innocent group photo included an uninvited visitor: the ghost of a 13-year-old girl, who drowned in that exact spot in 1915.

Paranormal experts are still investigating the case, but you can take a look at the photo here.

Edgar Wallace: The Crime Writer Who Created King Kong

In 1905, penniless British writer Edgar Wallace self-published The Four Just Men, a classic detective thriller that has since been widely acclaimed and translated into Spanish among other languages. He almost went bankrupt trying to promote it, but he persevered in this writing, and soon gained a huge following (including King George V and, later, King George VI). In the 1930s, he made it to Hollywood, where he was asked to create his most famous work yet. Read about what happened next.

The Ransacked Mummies of Chauchilla Cemetery

Starting in the 1920s, grave robbers continually ransacked this ninth-century burial ground in Peru. Finally, in the late ’90s, the government put protective laws in place, and visitors can now view the well-preserved skulls, some of which maintain their skin and hair. If a trip to South America isn’t in your travel plans this year, take a look at photos of the ancient mummies on Atlas Obscura.

Cows are Deadlier Than You Ever Knew

There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this world (haunted dolls, for starters), but we never thought that your average dairy cow was one of them. According to io9 and the CDC, about 22 people die in bovine-related incidents every year – and in 75 percent of the cases, the cow did it on purpose.

Read more about how these kitten-eating, beasts of burden trample, crush, and destroy human lives.

5 Creepy Shows You Can Stream Now

Technically, there’s more watching than reading in this list from Thought Catalog, so scan through the shows – from A&E’s docu-series The Killer Speaks to 30-minute Forensic Files episodes – when you have time to binge.

Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons