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Hello, Listeners: Welcome to The Lineup Podcast

We're thrilled to announce our newest audio investigation into the mysterious world around us.


Here at TLU, we love a good mystery. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest audio investigation into the weird world around us: The Lineup Podcast.

With each episode, we unearth a strange new case – from mysterious locales and grisly true crime tales to thrilling stories told by the best voices in mystery fiction.

How do you tune in? Why, it’s elementary, our dear listeners.

Click here to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes. You can also stream the podcast from our Soundcloud page, or listen to each episode now in the embedded players below.

Download, subscribe, and share with your mystery-loving friends, then stay tuned for more episodes!

Until next time … keep it weird.

The Lineup Podcast is produced with love and mayhem by The Lineup staff and our partners in crime, Open Road Media.

EPISODE 6: THREE GLOWING LIGHTS – In this episode, we join author Elizabeth Hand in the snow-covered fields of upstate New York where one childhood ritual at twilight awakens a strange presence in the woods. Afterward, we sit down with Elizabeth to discuss the experience and its impact on her life and work.

EPISODE 5: A MURDER IN LONDON – In this episode, we join author Eric Van Lustbader, whose thrilling work of fiction, The Ninja, becomes all too real when one passage turns up at a London crime scene scrawled in blood across the wall. Afterward, we sit down with Eric to discuss the case and its impact on his work.

EPISODE 4: THE MURDER CHRONICLES – In this episode, we serve up a dramatic reading from The Murder Chronicles, our interactive mystery serial. Join us as we take a trip to the Big Easy and meet Jim Sherl, a bleed-it-leads photojournalist who’s about to witness one grisly crime scene that hits too close to home. Afterward, we sit down with the author behind the serial, Adrian Van Young.

EPISODE 3: THE TRAIN TUNNELS BENEATH RIVERSIDE PARK – In this episode, we join crime fiction author Peter Blauner on a journey through 1980s New York, where one hostile street encounter leads him to a shadowy world hidden beneath the city.

EPISODE 2: CLUBFOOT GEORGE – In this episode, we head west, to Montana, where mystery author Peter Bowen is on the hunt for one grisly artifact – the pickled foot of a gold-robbing outlaw named Clubfoot George.

EPISODE 1: MEXICO – Join us for a mysterious journey south of the border. In part one, we peer into the caves of blood-drinking high priestess Magdalena Solís. In part two, we ride shotgun with William Hjortsberg, author of the hotly anticipated thriller Mañana, as he ventures through the desert mountains in search of an awakening. Finally, we visit three of Mexico’s creepiest travel destinations – including an island wreathed in dolls.