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Jamie Bogert

Jamie is a Philadelphia based writer who got her chops working for BUST Magazine after graduating in 2014 from Emerson College with a degree in journalism. She previously freelanced for a number of publications, took some time traveling throughout Argentina, led a 300 mile youth bike trip across the Berkshires, New York, and Vermont, and has since safely landed in Philly where she's the managing editor at The Philadelphia Citizen focusing on solutions journalism. 


Amelia Dyer: Victorian England's Cruelest Baby Farmer

The "Ogress of Reading" was rumored to be responsible for the deaths of 400 children.

The Disturbing Origins of 9 Beloved Fairy Tales

How about a little murder and mutilation with your bedtime story?

Step Inside Kaplica Czaszek, Poland’s Eerie Chapel of Skulls

Lining the walls of this modest chapel in Poland are the skeletal remains of over 3,000 souls.

A Creepy Ride Down Jersey’s Shades of Death Road

Those who venture down this eerie roadway report restless spirits, a haunted lake, and glowing orbs of light.

La Recoleta Cemetery: Argentina’s Hauntingly Beautiful Burial Ground

Haunting this grand cemetery in Buenos Aires are reports of a spectral watchman and the ghastly legend of a poor soul being buried alive.

La Pascualita: The Mannequin Corpse Bride of Mexico

La Pascualita: The Mannequin Corpse Bride of Mexico

Her glassy eyes peer out from the window as you pass by at night, following your every footstep.

Unearthed: The True Location of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings

300 years after the Salem Witch Trials claimed its final victim, researchers have made a startling discovery ...

Anna Marie Hahn: The First Woman to Die in Ohio’s Electric Chair

This serial poisoner lured numerous suitors to their deaths, until her toxic ways resulted in a a one-way ticket to the electric chair.

An Exorcism in Massachusetts: The Possession of the Passetto Family

Soon after moving into their quaint country home, Lui and Dale Passetto encountered a force of pure evil.

Murder in the Berkshires: The William Coy Axe Killing

Murder in the Berkshires: The William Coy Axe Killing

William Coy felt betrayed by his friend, and the only solution was murder.

Les Diableries: 3-D Views of the Underworld

Les Diableries: 3-D Views of the Underworld

Diabolical visions of Hell spring to life in this eye-popping collection of stereoscopic images from Victorian France.

The Ghost Mansions of Huguette Clark

The Ghost Mansions of Huguette Clark

This wealthy recluse owned numerous palatial estates – all of which sat empty for decades while she remained locked in her small hospital room.