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Crime Feed

Neighbors Save 90-Year-Old Man From Brutal Knife Attack

Two Georgia residents came together to help save an elderly man’s life when they found him being attacked by a knife-wielding maniac.

5 Most Terrifying Botched Executions in Modern History

From faulty electric chairs to defective drug cocktails, the botched executions of these death row inmates are downright chilling.

Ghost Ships Full of Decomposing Bodies Wash Up on Japan’s Shore

Mysterious fishing boats strewn with rotting corpses are washing up along the shores of Japan, and officials are baffled.

Child Missing For 13 Years Found Alive When He Tries To Register For College

It’s been over a decade since Julian Hernandez was last seen, and now his mother can finally stop looking.

FBI Names Person of Interest in 1989 Disappearance of Jacob Wetterling

In 1989, Jacob Wetterling vanished without a trace. 26 years later, authorities have finally announced a person of interest in the case.

Woman Declared Dead in 1989 Found Alive Long After Man Confesses to Killing Her

Authorities presumed Petra Pazsitka was dead after a convicted killer confessed to her murder. That is, until she turned up alive and living under a false name.

Decades-Old Murder Case Solved Thanks to John Wayne Gacy Investigation

A California murder mystery has been cracked thanks to recently released evidence from the John Wayne Gacy Jr. case.

Genius or Criminal? 5 Luminaries Who Couldn’t Stay out of Trouble

From embezzlement to drug busts, these creative souls had a dark side.

10 Fascinating Findings About the Criminal Brain

Take a look inside the criminal mind ... literally.

5 Cult Leaders Who Manipulated and Murdered Their Followers

These criminally-inclined cult leaders used charm and deception to amass a dedicated flock before abusing their unwitting followers.

5 International Serial Killers Who Will Terrify You

The grisly crimes of these international killers prove madness knows no bounds.

“Granny Ripper” Accused Of Beheading And Dismembering At Least 10 People

This deadly babushka stands accused of beheading and dismembering numerous victims, then scattering their body parts all over St. Petersburg.

Human Remains Found In Car Pulled From Lake Identified As Man Missing For 43 Years

A 43-year-old cold case in North Carolina may finally be solved with a rusty, water-logged Pontiac and the human remains locked inside.

Busted: How 5 Infamous Serial Killers Were Finally Caught

From incriminating parking tickets to damning digital footprints, uncover the key clues that brought these notorious killers to justice.

Ghost Hunters Find Missing Woman’s Body at Abandoned Hospital

When two paranormal researchers decided to scope out a haunted hospital in Mississippi, they found more than just restless spirits.

Twin Sisters Recall Growing Up in the ‘Children of God’ Cult

They were told they would perish at age 12 as “God’s martyrs.” But Flor and Tamar Edwards are still alive to tell about their creepy childhood.

Adnan Syed Granted New Hearing Based on “Asia McClain Problem”

Serial's Adnan Syed is one step closer to a new day in court after receiving this major break in his case for a retrial.