46 Gripping True Crime Books from the Last 54 Years

The truth is more terrifying than fiction.

true crime books
true crime books

In Cold Blood

By Truman Capote

true crime books

Helter Skelter

By Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry

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Blood and Money

By Thomas Thompson

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The Michigan Murders

By Edward Keyes

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Closing Time

By Lacey Fosburgh

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A Death in Canaan

By Joan Barthel

true crime books

The Executioner’s Song

By Norman Mailer

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By Thomas Thompson

true crime books

The Stranger Beside Me

By Ann Rule

true crime books

Fatal Vision

By Joe McGinniss

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Evidence of Love

By John Bloom and Jim Atkinson

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The Hillside Stranglers

By Darcy O'Brien

true crime books


By Robert Graysmith

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Buried Dreams

By Tim Cahill

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Brady and Hindley

By Fred Harrison

true crime books

Bitter Blood

By Jerry Bledsoe

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A Death in White Bear Lake

By Barry Siegel

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Butcher, Baker

By Walter Gilmour and Leland E. Hale

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Beyond Obsession

By Richard Hammer

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Blood Echoes

By Thomas H. Cook

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A Thirst for Blood

By Lt. Ray Biondi and Walt Hecox

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Innocent Victims

By Scott Whisnant

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A Dark and Bloody Ground

By Darcy O'Brien

true crime books

The Crime of the Century

By Dennis L. Breo and William J. Martin

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Above Suspicion

By Joe Sharkey

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Killing Season

By Carlton Smith

true crime books

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

By John Berendt

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Fred & Rose

By Howard Sounes

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Mother's Day

By Dennis McDougal

true crime authors

The Night Stalker

By Philip Carlo

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Die for Me

By Don Lasseter

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The Wrong Man

By James Neff

true crime books

The Devil in the White City

By Erik Larson

true crime books

Under the Banner of Heaven

By Jon Krakauer

true crime books

The Monster of Florence

By Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi

true crime books

For the Thrill of It

By Simon Baatz

true crime books

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

By Kate Summerscale

true crime books


By Dave Cullen

true crime books

People Who Eat Darkness

By Richard Lloyd Parry

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Dear Dawn

By Aileen Wuornos

true crime books

Lost Girls

By Robert Kolker

true crime books

The Good Nurse

By Charles Graeber

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John Christie of Rillington Place

By Jonathan Oates

true crime books

Mystery on the Isles of Shoals

By J. Dennis Robinson

true crime books

Getting Life

By Michael Morton

ill be gone in the dark

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

By Michelle McNamara