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15 Irresistibly Fun Holiday Gifts for the Horror Fan in Your Life

'Tis the creepy season!

Gift Guide for Horror Fans

Whether you're shopping for your friends, family, or the annual Yankee swap, getting the perfect holiday gift is always harder than it seems. So let us help you out this year, with some gift ideas for the horror fans in your life. 

We've pulled together all sorts of clever and creepy goodies. With an ode to their favorite macabre movies and scary stories, these gifts are sure to brighten up any die-hard fan's holidays. So spread some Christmas cheer, and a little fear, with the horror-themed gifts below. 

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Sinister Skull Bottle Opener


gifts for horror fans sinister skull bottle opener

Get your loved one a practical and fun gift this holiday season. With its sinister smile, this skeleton bottle opener is sure to tickle some ribs. But beware, this spooky bottle opener might become so popular it sends the rest of the gifts straight to the graveyard.

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Krampus Pin


Devil Krampus pin

While most people think of Christmas as a time of joy, complete with singing elves and laughing Santas, many don't know about the holiday's creepy roots. Krampus—a hairy horned beast that crawls out from the black forests every holiday season—is no exception. This hellish holiday demon creeps from village to village, terrorizing naughty boys and girls before scooping them up and carrying them off into the night. Get your loved ones ready for the horrors of the holiday with this Creepy Crate exclusive Krampus pin!

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Saw "Billy the Puppet" Notebook


gifts for horror fans saw billy the puppet notebook

Featuring Billy the Puppet's visage on its cover, you can be certain no one will snoop through this notebook. Give your loved ones a private place to keep track of their plans, jot down their notes, or draft up their next horror novel in this Saw-inspired notebook. 

Twisted Terrors Coloring Book


Twisted Terrors Coloring Book

Another Creepy Crate exclusive, this coloring book is filled with horror’s most terrifying characters and hours of entertainment. Add some grownup terror to a creative and relaxing activity!

I ❤️ Derry Shirt


gifts for horror fanes i heart derry shirt

Know someone obsessed with Derry, Maine, Stephen King's mysterious small-town setting? Although they may not be able to visit the eerie place, home to so many strange happenings, they can certainly show their love for it. Complete with Pennywise the Clown's signature ballon, this clever shirt gives offers fun twist to a classic design.

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Creepy Crate Subscription


gifts for horror fans creepy crate subscription

Not sure what to give your loved one this holiday season? Give them a little bit of everything with a Creepy Crate subscription! Every other month, subscribers receive horror mementos, true crime collectibles, and thrilling books and ebooks. Full of fresh finds each time, it is truly the horror gift that keeps on giving.

2022 Horror Collection Wall Calendar


2022 Horror Collection Wall Calendar

With this epic calendar, the horror fiend in your life can enjoy horror all year long—not just during spooky season! Includes art from Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street Series, The Exorcist, The Nun, Annabelle, The Conjuring, IT: Chapter 2, La Llorona, The Lost Boys and The Shining and more. This calendar include a page for each month of 2022, as well as the last four months of 2021. 

Axe Pizza Cutter


gifts for horror fans axe pizza cutter

Need a stocking stuffer? This axe pizza cutter is the perfect little gift for a horror enthusiast. 

Make sure your loved ones are well-equipped and well-fed for their next movie marathon. Pop a pizza in the oven, cut up some slices, and turn on a terrifying movie for a cozy and creepy night in this winter. 

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Serial Killer Memory Matching Game


gifts for horror fans serial killer memory matching game

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for a true crime expert, this classic game of memory comes with a twist they'll love. It features some of the most notorious serial killers from Ted Bundy, to Charles Manson

Although serial killers are not usually a cause for celebration, this memory game might just solve some of your gift-giving worries. So shuffle the deck, lay out the cards, and get ready for some chilling fun and games. 

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Let's Watch Scary Movies Scream Horror T-Shirt


Let's Watch Scary Movies Scream Horror T-shirt

When a horror fan finds someone who will watch horror movies with them, that's a true connection. With this special t-shirt, show the horror lovers in your life you're ready to ride or die—preferably without any actual death. Let's keep the terror on the big screen, please!

Stephen King's IT Red Ballon Lamp


gifts for horror fans stephen king's it red balloon lamp

Illuminate the dark world of horror, with a lamp inspired by Stephen King's classic tale IT. The haunting red light from Pennywise the Clown's balloon will set the perfect mood for a spooky read or frightening film.

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The Serial Killer Cookbook: Last Meals

$12.99 - $26.95

gifts for horror fans the serial killer cookbook last meals

Break out some new recipes this winter, and cook up the last meals of death row's most notorious inmates. Filled with trivia about the infamous criminals, as well as easy to follow recipes, The Serial Killer Cookbook is perfect for true crime lovers and amateur chefs alike. Recipes include everything from Ted Bundy's order of seared steak, hash browns, toast, and fried eggs, to Ruth Snyder's dinner of chicken parmesan and alfredo pasta.

Jeffrey Dahmer Cutting Board


gifts for horror fans jeffery dahmer cutting board

Give the chef in your life all the tools they need for a killer culinary experience. Featuring cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and the phrase "if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em", this cutting board is sure to serve some dark-hearted laughs.

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The Conjuring Annabelle Shirt


gifts for horror fans the conjuring annabelle shirt

Though the third installment of the Conjuring has been delayed, there's no reason not to declare your love for the hit horror franchise. Get your loved one a shirt featuring Annabelle, and let them tell you all about demonic possession and paranormal events. Better yet, let them show the evil forces at work by rewatching all the twisted flicks in the Conjuring universe!

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The Cold Case Puzzle Book


gifts for horror fans the cold case puzzle book

It's always important to have a sharp mind when cracking cold cases. If you know an amateur sleuth, make sure they're well-stocked with brain teasers and puzzles. Filled with more than 100 logic, memory, and visual puzzles, The Cold Case Puzzles has a variety of forensic and trivia-based activities to keep even the most devoted detectives on their toes.  

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Feature image: Annie Spratt / Unsplash