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21 Stephen King Gifts Every Die-Hard Horror Fan Needs In Their Life

These King-inspired gifts are delightfully creepy.

stephen king gifts feature

There is no other writer out there quite like Stephen King. With over 60 novels published and 200 short stories under his belt, the prolific author has a well-deserved reputation as the reigning King of Horror. His stories have shocked, terrified, and thrilled readers for over four decades, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Just when you think he’s done it all, he roars back with a new nightmare.

These days, there’s no shortage of Stephen King in our lives. Between the recent hit adaptations of the classic clown horror IT, the Hulu series Castle Rock, and the upcoming miniseries The Stand, Stephen King's influence is all around us. And there’s no better time than the present to treat yourself and your fellow dark-hearted loved ones to one of these Stephen King gifts.

Whether you’re a die-hard King fan or a newly-minted horror buff, here are some gifts for Stephen King fans you can’t miss out on. Just be careful letting some of these frightening items, both old and new, into your home...

"Not a Very Nice Guy" Gravestone Patch

"not a very nice guy" george stark gravestone patch

Thad Beaumont thought his secret persona, George Stark, had been laid to rest, but something is wrong. Although the sinister Stark should be dead and buried, the sparrows are starting to fly again… Perfect for fans of Stephen King, this versatile patch can be put on clothing, accessories, and more!

I Derry T-Shirt

i heart derry shirt

Complete with a heart-shaped balloon, this t-shirt is the official uniform for any fans of Stephen King’s favorite locale and home of Pennywise the Clown, Derry, ME. 

Castlerock Key Chain

castlerock key chain

Featured in several of Stephen King’s novels, Castlerock, Maine is the backdrop to some of King’s most terrifying stories. Represent your allegiance to Castlerock with this adorable keychain, modeled off of an actual Maine license place. 

Creepy Valentine Set


Looking for a last-minute gift for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than this instantly-downloadable set of delightfully creepy Valentine’s cards. In the Stephen King collection, you’ll find valentines for fans of IT: Chapter Two (2019), Carrie (1976), and The Shining (1977 + bonus valentine!).

Funko Pop! Icons: Stephen King

gifts for stephen king fans stephen king funko pop

Depicting the man, the myth, the legend himself, this Funko Pop! figurine of Stephen King is the perfect gift for those dedicated to King’s every story. Whether on your nightstand, your desk, or your bookshelf, he’ll watch over you while you sleep.

Funko Pop! Icons: Stephen King with Axe and Book

gifts for stephen king fans bloody stephen king funko pop

When it comes to Stephen King, the bloodier, the better. If you’d prefer your horror master drenched in blood and wielding a weapon, this is the Funko Pop! for you.

The Shining Twins Socks

the shining twins socks

While it's true the Grady Twins do not materialize in Stephen King's The Shining, the iconic siblings from Kubrick's horror movie adaptation are now inseparable from King lore—even if the author himself was unimpressed by the movie. Clad in their iconic blue dresses, these socks depicting the creepy twins from The Shining movie will keep your feet cozy forever... and ever.. and ever.

The Overlook Hotel Vintage Keychain

gifts for stephen king fans overlook hotel keychain

Don’t lose your keys or your mind with this vintage-inspired keychain. Emblazoned on the front with the Overlook Hotel’s name and its creepiest room (note that it was Room 217 in the book), plus a haunting message on the back, this keychain is the perfect way to prove your horror bonafides.

Pennywise the Clown Chia Pet

gifts for stephen king fans pennywise chia pet

Let’s face it: Pennywise is terrifying. But with this Pennywise Chia Pet, you can grow him some mossy green hair to (hopefully) knock the scare factor down a level. It’s perfect for the budding horror fan in your life.

Funko Pop! and Buddy: Pet Sematary—Undead Gage and Church

gifts for stephen king fans funko pop pet sematary gage and church

They're clawing to get in. Get two for the price of one with this Pet Sematary Funko Pop! set of the undead Gage and Church. With these figurines, you won’t have to worry about inviting any unwanted spirits into your home—you already have two, thank you very much.

Stephen King Quote Bookmark

gifts for stephen king fans stephen king quote bookmark

For all the avid readers out there, make sure to stick this iconic Stephen King quote bookmark between the pages of your current favorite horror novel. We all love to escape into the world of a new book, but sometimes, we have to return to reality. Make sure your every pause comes with this reminder of a book’s magic.

gifts for stephen king fans the dark tower boxed set

The Dark Tower Boxed Set

By Stephen King

Explore the dark depths of Stephen King's frightening multiverse with this extra special gift. This eight-book series (plus one short story) ties together storylines and references from multiple Stephen king novels. With this box set, you won’t have to worry about tracking down the next installment in The Dark Tower series.

Frozen Jack Torrance Enamel Pin

gifts for stephen king fans frozen jack torrance enamel pin

You can take him anywhere. If you’re looking to spice up your denim jacket or backpack pocket, this enamel pin of Jack Torrance is the perfect, subtle accessory. Just be careful: you might scare a few people off.

The Losers Club Sweatshirt

gifts for stephen king fans losers club sweatshirt

Let everyone know where your allegiance lies. Whether you’re in Derry, Maine or the comfort of your own home, this cozy sweatshirt will remind you that even in the most dire of situations, friends come first.

Pennywise Vintage Apron

gifts for stephen king fans vintage pennywise apron

Spice up your kitchen routine with this retro Pennywise the Clown-patterned apron. You’ll make quite the impression on your dinner guests.

best stephen kings books

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

By Stephen King

For the aspiring horror writer in your life, you can’t miss On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. King provides an unfettered look into his own life and writing process, his experiences with writing, and how he thinks about the craft itself. It is a masterclass in literary theory.

"All Work and No Play" T-Shirt

gifts for stephen king fans all work and no play shirt

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but there’s nothing dull about this hypnotizing long sleeve featuring the classic line from Kubrick's The Shining. While the line does not appear in King's book, we just can't go without spotlighting this creepy wearable. Whether you’re struggling with your own writer's block just like Jack Torrance or want to show some horror love, throw on this dark item to make a bold statement.

gifts for stephen king fans king classic collection halloween editions

Stephen King Classic Collection Halloween Editions Boxed Set

By Stephen King

For the dedicated collector in your life, you can’t miss out on this special collector's set of Halloween editions of some of King’s most classic works. This four-book box set includes The Shining, Christine, Bag of Bones, and Cell.

The Shining Sticker Pack

gifts for stephen king fans the shining sticker pack

Surround yourself with the unshakable visions from The Shining when you buy this 50-piece sticker pack. Slap your favorite waterproof stickers on your laptop, your luggage, your bike, you name it. They’ve got you covered.

Stephen King Book Fronts Home Decorative Throw Pillow Case

Stephen King throw pillow cover

This throw pillow cover is great for the die-hard fan to showcase their love of the horror King—perhaps while curled up on the sofa reading the latest Stephen King novel! 

Horror Movies Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster


gifts for stephen king fans horror movies scratch off poster

Craving more horror movies but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Snatch this Must-See Horror Movies Scratch-Off Poster so you always have a movie recommendation handy. Once you watch them all, your hard-earned art shall be revealed.