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WATCH: Get a Chilling First Look at The Conjuring 3 with Faith & Fear: The Conjuring Universe Behind The Scenes

Journey into the darkness with the just-released doc!

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In a different timeline, we would have witnessed The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It by now. The newest entry in the Conjuring franchise was originally slated for release in September 2020. Alas, the pandemic derailed those plans. 

The Conjuring 3 is now scheduled for release in June 2021. This week, however, horror fans the world over received a special October treat: The filmmakers behind the Conjuring universe released Faith & Fear: The Conjuring Universe Behind the Scenes, a 30-minute documentary that offers our first good look at The Conjuring 3 as well as a whole new perspective on the Conjuring universe. 

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The doc dives deep into the Conjuring movies and offshoots, combining behind-the-scenes footage with insights from the cast, crew, and the real-life inspirations behind some of the characters. In particular, the new doc teases tantalizing details about The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, revealing more about the real-life story behind the upcoming horror movie. The Conjuring 3 is inspired by the strange case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson—the first person to use demonic possession as a legal defense for manslaughter. In the documentary, Arne Cheyenne Johnson speaks for himself, recounting his possession and his shock at discovering what he had done. And though The Conjuring 3 moves away from the haunted house settings of the first two Conjuring movies, the filmmakers are determined to stay true to the real-life events of this notorious and controversial case.

Fundamental to the popularity of the Conjuring movies are the sinister stories behind each picture. At the center of this cinematic universe stand Ed and Lorraine Warren.

In the doc, director James Wan explains how he drew inspiration from the paranormal investigators. From the first and second Conjuring movies to the many spinoffs and offshoots, Wan explains that each film raises the stakes while providing a rush of horror that keeps fans coming back. 

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Although James Wan handed over the reins for The Conjuring 3 to director Michael Chaves, the new video promises the upcoming movie will elevate the franchise yet again. Along with all the signature scares, The Conjuring 3 will incorporate some fresh ideas. 

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return for The Conjuring 3 to take up their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, so be prepared to see the duo back on screen.

Watch the documentary below and learn about all that goes into bringing this paranormal world to life. While we have to wait until 2021 for the release of The Conjuring 3, the revealing doc below will more than satisfy your hunger for otherwordly scares. Happy Halloween!

Featured still from "Faith & Fear: The Conjuring Universe Behind The Scenes" via Warner Bros. Entertainment.