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Film & TV

Feast your eyes on the best horror movies, scary shows, and true crime documentaries, from under-the-radar gems to classics you need to watch tonight.

4 Underrated Cult Classic Horror Films from the 1980s 

Explore the most pivotal decade of horror film creation. 

The Occult-Obsessed Rocket Scientist You Need to Know About

A founder of Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

8 Rock 'N Roll Horror Books That Will Rock Your Socks Off

They don't call it “The Devil's Music” for nothing. 

UNSOLVED: The Murder of the Miyazawa Family

Despite a mountain of evidence, we may never get answers in the slaying of an innocent Japanese family.

25 Terrifying Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Sometimes “based on a true story” means “this could happen to you.”

5 Unbelievably Creepy Haunted Locations in Vermont to Terrify You

Vermont boasts maple syrup, snow sports, and more unsettled spirits than you can handle.

Sharp as a Knife: Read This Poignant Excerpt of Blood in the Cut

Much more horrifying things hide in the Everglades than alligators. 

Don't Be Fooled by the Slow Drawl—These Southern Horror Books Will Creep You Out

Be careful who you dine with; these horrors are all too eager to tip their hats and let you in. 

10 Best and Most Foundational Slasher Movies You Need to See

The most iconic horror movie characters are the masked ones that we don't know at all. 

Everything You Need to Know About Holly by Stephen King

Holly Gibney is King's favorite character; and here's why.