15 Frightfully Fun Horror Movie Gifts You Need in Your Life

Frighten up your shelves.

horror movie gifts
  • Photo Credit: Thibault Penin / Unsplash

Sometimes, watching (and re-watching...and re-watching) the scariest horror movies of all time just isn’t enough. If you’re searching for ways both big and small to pay tribute to your favorite frightening films, then these horror movie gifts are for you.

From coffee mugs to iconic imagery, from cult classic films to A24’s newest horror movies, here are the best horror movie gifts that you can buy right now. If they scare you in the middle of the night, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

IT Morphing Mug

horror movie gifts IT morphing mug

Start your morning off with a good scare. With this morphing mug inspired by the hit adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, each ounce of coffee you pour will reveal little Georgie and his red balloon. By the time the caffeine hits your system, you’ll be floating too.

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Michael Meyers Funko POP!

horror movie gifts michael myers funko pop

Don’t turn your back on this one. He may be small, but that knife is deadly.

If you’re a die-hard Halloween fan, spice up any shelf, bedroom, or home office with this tiny Funko POP! Michael Meyers figurine. Whether you’re a collector or a proud displayer, you’ll practically hear him breathing in your ear.

Freddy Krueger Enamel Pin

horror movie gifts freddy krueger nightmare on elm street pin

Trigger nightmares in all those you meet. No matter where you affix it, this frighteningly detailed A Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired enamel pin will have everyone sleeping with one eye open.

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The Exorcist Socks

horror movie gifts the exorcist socks

Heads will spin when you break out these Exorcist-inspired socks bearing a possessed Regan's ghoulish face. Just be sure to splash a bit of holy water between your toes before putting them on.

Saw Earrings

horror movie gifts saw earrings

If you’ve been searching high and low for a handmade gift, it’s game over.

Any horror movie fan will scream after seeing these Saw-inspired earrings. Make any outfit a subtle costume when you’ve got Billy the Puppet—and his tricycle—following your every move.

Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Tee

horror movie gifts camp crystal lake friday the 13th tee

Flaunt your place of business, if you dare. This Friday the 13th-inspired Camp Crystal Lake Counselor baseball tee will bring back all those fond summer camp memories, from the positively pleasant to the utterly nightmarish. 

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Hellraiser Puzzle Box

horror movie gifts hellraiser puzzle box

If you’re looking for a real collectible to proudly display, this Hellraiser puzzle box/storage tin can stash everything you could imagine—from knick-knacks and tissues to your very own soul.

Only the real horror movie fans in your midst will know the secrets of this item.

Annabelle Funko POP!

horror movie gifts annabelle funko pop

If you can’t make it all the way to Connecticut to visit Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum and see Annabelle for yourself, this Funko POP! based on the Annabelle of the silver screen is the terrifying replacement you need.

She may not be the real thing, but if you wake up in the middle of the night to find her staring at you, we make no promises of her intentions.

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Midsommar Pop Art Poster

horror movie gifts midsommar pop art poster

Proudly declare your love for one of modern horror's most beautiful films, this time in Pop Art form. If you just couldn’t get enough of Ari Aster's Midsommar, and its now-iconic movie theater poster featuring Florence Pugh’s crying face, this artful design deserves a spot on your wall. It’ll feel like home to you.

Black Philip Mug

horror movie gifts black philip mug

Wouldst thou like to sip deliciously?

With this Witch-inspired Black Philip mug, you can enjoy all your most delicious drinks and pay homage to your favorite horror movie at the same time. It’ll put a spell on you.

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Jaws Tin Sign

horror movie gifts jaws sign

Have a beach house in need of spicing up? Or just desperate to bring some sinister summer beach vibes into your home this year? This Jaws-inspired novelty tin sign may be subtle, but it’ll make a big splash.

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“Come Play with Us” Shirt

horror movie gifts the shining come play with us shirt

Your favorite horror movie, now in terrifying tee form.

Stanley Kubrick’s film gets a new lease on life in this tee, featuring one of The Shining's most iconic scenes—that eerily long hallway, that squeaky tricycle, and most importantly, the two Grady Twins calling on you to come play forever... and ever.

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Playing Cards

horror movie gifts texas chainsaw massacre playing cards

Game night just got a lot more deadly.

Give your normal deck of playing cards a break, and rev up the stakes with these Texas Chain Saw Massacre playing cards. Be careful pulling out this deck—it just might end your life.

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Chucky Blanket

horror movie gifts chucky blanket

Believe it or not, summer is about to start winding down. If you’re already looking ahead to the chilly fall season and a spooky Halloween, grab this Child's Play blanket before anyone else does. It’ll keep your heart warm, and your blood cold, all night long.

Beetlejuice Monster Patch

horror movie gifts beetlejuice monster patch

Spice up that old denim jacket with this patch featuring a monstrous Barbara Maitland from Beetlejuice. Whether you iron it on or sew it on, you’ll keep Barbara's ghoulish visage with you everywhere you go. And don’t fret: it’s machine-washable.

Featured photo: Thibault Penin / Unsplash

Published on 29 Jul 2020