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9 Haunted Objects to Stay Away From

Buyers, these possessed objects are up to no good.

By The Lineup Staff

The Haunted History of Georgia’s Thornton House

This historic dwelling is filled with a family of ghosts.

By Kelly McClure

McRaven: The Most Haunted House in Mississippi 

The peaceful exterior belies its paranormal activity.

By Kelly McClure

Real-Life Terror: The Chilling Murder of Horror Director Al Adamson

The grisly slaying was something right out of a horror movie.

By Mike McPadden

The History of the Devil’s Tower of New Jersey

Amidst the tree-lined streets of Alpine stands an ominous tower with a haunting reputation.

By Kelly McClure

Odd Fellows Rest: New Orleans' Most Unusual Cemetery

It's one of the Big Easy's most mysterious burial sites...

By Kelly McClure

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