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An Entire Ghost Town In Connecticut Is On The Market For $1.9 Million

It could all be yours...if you're brave enough to move in.

In East Haddam, Connecticut you'll find a mishmash of understatedly beautiful homes and buildings in a section of town referred to as Johnsonville. The 62-acre property, which also includes a quaint general store, post office, a mill, and a tranquil covered bridge, is currently on the market for $1.9 million. Only problem? The entire place is a ghost town.

Once part of a successful population of mill workers in the 1800s, Johnsonville was bought by a millionaire in the 1960s who sought to develop the land into a tourist destination. In 2001 the property was sold yet again, this time to a Danbury, Connecticut-based hotel company called Meyer Jabara Hotels who are listing it for sale once again after having been left to near ruin for many years.

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"We've got buyers at the table, from developers to summer camps and beyond," Jabara says in a quote to the Hartford Courant.

While most offers come from people/agencies looking to use the property for fun, leisure, or commerce purposes, there are others who are looking to buy it simply to have it torn down. Hopefully that doesn't happen as there's too much history there to throw away.

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Published on 07 Jun 2017

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