9 Most Haunted Objects in the World

    Let the buyer beware.

    When the topic of hauntings comes up, the discussion usually revolves around a spirit causing havoc in a home, or attaching to a person and following them from residence to residence. 

    In the paranormal world, however, things are not always that simple. Ultimately, spirits can latch on to almost anything toward which they channel their trapped energy—be it dolls, animals, or everyday items you’d find in any house. What follows is a rundown of some of the most haunted objects in the world. We promise this list will have you second-guessing that killer estate sale purchase.

    1. "The Hands Resist Him" Painting

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    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Darren Kyle O'Neill

    A couple found this painting at an old brewery and listed it for sale on eBay. They warned in the listing that the children (and creepy hands in the background) had a tendency to come to life and cause trouble. That didn’t keep someone from paying $1,025 for the piece. The painting was originally made by the artist Bill Stoneham and is said to be based off a photograph from his childhood. When asked how the painting came to be found by the couple who eventually sold it on eBay, he claims to not know, but revealed that the last time he saw it was at an art gallery in Los Angeles. The owner of that gallery, as well as a Los Angeles Times critic who reviewed the show the painting was hung, are said to both have died soon after laying eyes on it. 

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    2. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

    This dress is said to have belonged to a woman named Anna who purchased it for a wedding that never ended up taking place. Anna died a spinster in 1914 and the dress was put on display at the Baker Mansion Museum in Altoona, PA. People who work at the museum claim to walk in on the dress moving around, as if dancing, all on its own.

    3. "The Crying Boy" Painting

    haunted objects crying boy
    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    Paintings like these came into popularity in the 1950s when they were introduced as affordable art pieces for new family homes. You've probably seen something similar in your grandma’s house. In the mid 1980s, stories surfaced of this particular painting, known as “The Crying Boy” being discovered in homes that had suffered some sort of tragedy like a fire or a flood where everything was destroyed … except for the eerie portrait. This is a rare case in that it’s not one painting (the original) that’s said to be haunted or cursed, but all duplicates of it as well.

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    4. The Basano Vase

    Believed to have been made in Italy around the 15th century, this vase vanished for a long long time before being discovered again in 1988 along with a note saying “beware, this vase brings death.” The vase was auctioned off and the new owner of it died only a few short months after bringing it home. The vase was sold again, and the same fate was met by its new owner. This happened a few more times before Italian police decided to put an end to the mysterious deaths by burying the vase in a secret location. Hopefully it won’t pop up again, but if it does, stay away from it.

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    5. The Tallman's Bunk Beds

    haunted objects tallman bunk bed
    Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

    Alan and Debby Tallman purchased this bunkbed set in 1987. It remained in their home’s basement for nine months as preparations were made to move the furniture piece upstairs for their children. During those nine months a series of horrific events took place in the home including radios changing stations by themselves, visions of witches, and ghostly voices urging the family into dangerous situations. Mr. Tallman grew to believe the bunkbeds were the source of this activity so he burned them. Once destroyed, the activity stopped completely. 

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    6. The Women From Lemb Statue

    Nicknamed “The Goddess of Death,” this limestone statue was unearthed in 1878, though it may date back centuries. According to legend, every family who has owned it since has died mysteriously. 

    7. The Conjure Chest

    haunted objects conjure chest
    Photo Credit: Kentucky Historical Society

    A slave owner named Jacob Cooley requested this chest be built by one of his servants. It was intended to be a gift for his son. Once completed, however, Cooley was unhappy with its quality and beat his servant to death. A curse is said to have been put on the chest that ultimately resulted in 16 deaths throughout the history of the Cooley family line. The chest is now on display at the Kentucky History Museum.

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    8. The Dybbuk Box

    This box is said to contain a restless evil spirit that urges you to open it. Word of advice: do not do it! Tragedy awaits all those who crack open this malevolent item. 

    9. Rudolph Valentino's Ring

    haunted objects rudolph valentino
    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    It’s said that the silent actor star Rudolph Valentino purchased a fancy ring in the 1920s to celebrate his success. Upon showing the piece of jewelry to a friend, however, the friend had a vision of Valentino at death's doorstep. Soon after this dark vision, Valentino’s luck turned sour; his career slumped and his health deteriorated. He passed away soon after at the age of thirty-one. Legend has it that the ring was cursed, and led to Valentino's abrupt demise. 

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