9 Haunted Beaches from Around the World

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haunted beach
  • Photo Credit: Jirka Matousek / Flickr (CC)

Although you'd probably never expect to experience paranormal activity while luxuriating in a day at the beach, it's actually a setting that's ripe for ghost activity. Check out this roundup of some of the spookiest haunted beaches around the world and remember to pack sage along with your sunblock the next time you hit the sand. 

1. Manzanita Beach

haunted beaches
  • Photo Credit: Michael / Flickr (CC)

It's said that in the 16th century, Spanish sailors shipwrecked near Manzanita Beach, located in Oregon, and attempted to hide a chest of gold they were transporting by killing a man and burying it with his body. The ghost of the man they killed is said to haunt the beach to this day. People have reported finding little piles of stones built up in curious configurations, seemingly overnight. Perhaps they're a clue as to the location of the ghost's unmarked grave? 

2. Higbee Beach

In his heyday Thomas Higbee owned a hotel in Cape May, New Jersey called The Hermitage and when he passed away in 1879 he was buried in a marble tomb next to it, per his request. In 1937 his body was exhumed by his surviving family and moved to Cold Springs Presbyterian cemetery, which he must not have liked very much because the area began experiencing an increase in paranormal activity. Visitors have reported seeing a male apparition wandering Higbee Beach, sometimes joined by a large black dog. 

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3. Capitola City Beach

haunted beaches
  • Photo Credit: Harold Litwiler / Flickr (CC)

Visitors of this popular beach in Santa Cruz, California have reported seeing a grayish ghost that appears vividly and then vanishes before their eyes. It's said to appear most often around 3:00 A.M. Once, a local made an attempt to confront the spirit by charging towards it, only to pass out upon making contact.

4. Litchfield Beach

In 1822, a young man is thought to have fallen from his horse and drowned in Litchfield Beach, located in South Carolina, while en route to visit his fiancée. The story of this man has gone from mouth to ear so many times in the area that some even believe the man in question was Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the notorious pirate. The gentleman's ghost, which locals refer to as the Gray Man, is said to appear on the beach to warn people of incoming storms. 

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5. Baker Beach

haunted beaches
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As soon as the sun goes down this gorgeous San Francisco beach becomes the stomping ground of a female apparition who can be found singing to herself along the shore. It's thought that her voice can put people under a hypnotic trance.

6. Kaupoa Beach

The name of this beach in Hawaii roughly translates to "place of the thieves" and is known to have a menacing vibe once the sun sets. Visitors report feeling anxious and afraid as soon as they enter the area and there have also been accounts of the sounds of children playing, when none are present. 

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7. Changi Beach

haunted beaches
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A popular destination for tourists in Singapore, this beach is actually considered one of the most haunted places in Asia. During World War II thousands of people died in this area and it's said that at night you can hear their screams. People have even had run-ins with headless apparitions that materialize and appear to walk over the surface of the water. 

8. Dumas Beach

This is a popular location in India for people to mourn their deceased loved ones and sprinkle their ashes in the sand.That being said, you can probably understand why it's also one of the most haunted beaches in the country.

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9. Moss Beach

haunted beaches
  • Photo Credit: ChristineThomas / Flickr (CC)

This California beach is thought to be haunted by a female ghost referred to as "The Blue Lady." The ghost is said to be the restless spirit of a woman who was murdered there during the Prohibition era.

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Published on 23 Aug 2017