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Possessed Doll Purchased at a Charity Shop Terrorizes a UK Family

£5 scarred the family forever.

Possessed Doll
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  • Photo Credit: the_abducted_and_vanished / Instagram

When Debbie Merrick, a 50-year-old UK resident, bought three antique dolls for £5, she didn't realize her life would never be the same. As soon as she brought the dolls home, unexplainable things started happening. Merrick's husband, Cameron, was waking up with strange scratches on his legs—scratches they believe to have been caused by the doll. Merrick also had frequent dreams about the doll dragging itself along the floor in pursuit of her and her family. 

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Merrick claims that the evil spirit within the doll has the ability to drastically change the temperature in whichever room it travels to. This ability has caused the fire alarms in the Merrick home to go off at all hours of the day. After showing the doll to a friend who is a medium, Merrick became convinced that it is possessed.

possessed doll UK
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  • Debbie Merrick and her husband Cameron

    Photo Credit: This Morning / YouTube
“One morning my husband said to me, 'I've got scratches all over my legs.' ... The scratches do look like they've been done by something small, like little doll hand scratches." –Debbie Merrick

Growing increasingly more afraid of the doll, Merrick put it in a box in the garage and covered it with other boxes for additional peace of mind. She claims that when she checked on the doll the day after first placing it in the box she noticed that it had changed position and that the necklace it had previously been wearing had been taken off. Reluctant to touch the doll, or even go near it, she placed the doll for sale on Ebay, where it sold on July 20th after 33 bids for the amount of £866.00. 

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The description for the (now closed) listing read: "This is a pretty doll in a wedding outfit but very creepy, just something about it. It's fair to say we don't want it in our house anymore. It's made by Franklin Mint and is in good condition, just needs a tidy up. I brought three of these dolls from a second hand shop as I thought they were pretty, but no longer want them! Buyer must collect please if possible, but I will post if needed."

Good luck to the new owner of the doll. Get in touch if you experience any further activity. 

This Story Was First Published on The Hauntist. 


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Featured photo: courtesy of the_abducted_and_vanished / Instagram; Additional photo: This Morning / YouTube