The Haunted History of Georgia’s Thornton House

This historic dwelling is filled with a family of ghosts.

thornton house
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Originally from Virginia, Thomas Redman Thornton was a wealthy farmer who worked his land into a profitable indigo plantation. His home is now believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who died in the early 1900s from polio, although very little information about this girl can be found. Was she a daughter of Thomas Thornton? Or perhaps the child of one of the many slaves who lived in the two cabins on the back of the plantation?

thornton house
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The book Ghosts of Atlanta: Phantoms of the Phoenix City includes a section on the Thornton House claiming that the ghost of the girl is frequently seen on the staircase leading up to the second floor of the home. She wears a long dress and emanates blue light. Staff members have reported candles blowing out throughout the home for no reason and the overwhelming sensation of being watched. 

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In 2010, ghost hunters spent some time conducting experiments on the property. They discovered that the coach house on the grounds contained a whole family of ghosts that could often be seen peering out of the windows. Sightings of a father, mother, elder daughter, and younger brother were frequently noticed in this area. The ghosts act as though they were happy there and are simply carrying on their daily affairs. 

Although people have often reported feeling dread and hostility on the Thornton House property, the consensus is that the spirits lingering here are content and happy to remain in the home and on the land they've always known. 

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Published on 25 Oct 2017