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9 More of the Scariest Movies on Netflix Right Now

Let’s Netflix and thrill.

Last month, we brought you the creepiest titles from the creaky digital basement that is Netflix’s horror section. And, luckily, a lot of them are still available to stream. But since we all know the streaming gods giveth and then taketh away, we thought we’d scour the collection one again.

Herewith, nine of the scariest movies on Netflix to stream right now.


1. Event Horizon

Netflix Horror Movies Event Horizon

Still from Event Horizon via Paramount Pictures

What is it about outer space that’s so terrifying? Oh, yeah, just the fact that it’s filled with black holes that lead its invaders straight to hell and back. So goes the gist of this 1997 interstellar horror that once you get past its clichéd roadblocks is one helluva freaky ride.

2. The Hallow

scariest movies of 2015

Still from The Hallow via IFC Midnight

Its plot may sound derivative: Family moves to new land, and weird things happen. But this British-Irish production that plays with Mother Nature’s dark side is anything but. With a background rooted in music videos, director Corin Hardy is all about the visuals—and they are terrifying.

3. We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are

Still from We Are What We Are via Uncorked Productions

Thanks to the Mexican original, director Jim Mickle and his leading lovelies have a narrative they can sink their teeth into. Literally. Julia Garner and Ambry Childers play the recluse Parker daughters, who have a hunger for protein of the human variety. While this one isn’t your typical canni-balls-to-the-wall film—it’s more food for thought, if you will—it still delivers a heaping helping the heebie-jeebies.

4. The Human Centipede

Netflix Horror Movies Human Centipede

Still from Human Centipede via Six Entertainment

By now, you know what Tom Six’s visceral surgical horror film is about. So now that you’ve had time to, er, swallow its shock value, watch it again with an open mind. You just might find yourself penciling in Dr. Heiter next to Dr. Lector on your list creepiest medical villains.

5. ABCs of Death

Netflix Horror Movies ABCs of Death

Still from ABCs of Death via Magnet Releasing

Twenty-six directors, 26 ways to die. An ambitious anthology film, this doozie of a project was inspired by (what else?) children’s educational books. How it works: Each director is assigned a letter of the alphabet, which he or she uses to create a story about death centered on a single word. The result is a wicked film that speaks our language. Fair warning: Graphic violence ahead with this one.

6. V/H/S 2

Netflix Horror Movies VHS 2

Still from V/H/S/2 via Magnet Releasing

After you’ve said your ABCs, queue up another anthology film comprised of horror shorts from some of today’s best modern genre filmmakers, including Adam Wingard and Eduardo Sanchez. This one’s predecessor is also on Netflix to stream, but—and this is rare—the sequel’s better. Better stories, unrivaled talent, and endless gore; it’s a killer combo.

7. Re-animator

Netflix Horror Movies Re-animator

Still from Re-animator via Empire Pictures

If you never saw the classic—or saw a highly edited version on cable when you should have been sleeping—now’s your time to witness the wickedly campy perfection that is a mad scientist and his dead tissue experiments.

8. The Awakening

Netflix Horror Movies The Awakening

Still from The Awakening via StudioCanal

For those genre fans who prefer their scares with a skim of sophistication, turn to Rebecca Hall in this old-fashioned English supernatural horror about a woman who gets chummy with a bunch of ghosts at a boarding school. Think The Others meets Orphanage.

9. Monsters

Netflix Horror Movies Monsters

Still from Monsters via Vertigo Films

Aliens have attacked Mexico, and all that’s left are infected zones worthy of a National Geographic centerfold. At least that’s what happening in this genre-bender. The story follows a photographer and the damsel in distress he’s escorting home to America. But the real delight here is that the effects—giant aliens, stunning imagery—are all done on a shoestring budget.

Featured Photo: Still from "The Awakening" via StudioCanal

Published on 15 Jun 2016

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