Daniel O'Connor

The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot

Parisians thought they were escaping Nazi-occupied France. Instead, they faced death at the hands of a sick and twisted man.

A Horrifying Discovery Beneath the Water

Tom and his son witness a car skid off the road and plummet into the icy water below; but when Tom tries to save the driver, he’s met with a terrible sight.

Neighbors From Hell: What’s Really Living Upstairs?

You’ve seen the 1977 cult classic horror film The Sentinel – this is the chilling novel that started it all.

What’s Hiding Inside 1551 Pilarcitos?

The truth is beyond what anyone could guess.

The Sandyford Murder Case of 1862

Jessie McLachlan, the victim’s best friend, found herself charged with one of the most hideous murders that Glasgow had ever seen.

A Chilling Look Inside the Lindbergh Kidnapping

When a child's life is on the line, who do you believe?

A Crime of Carelessness Turns Deadly

Hitting a stranger unleashed a chain reaction that these college students couldn't handle.

Could Your Child Be a Psychopath?

Rav's parents thought he was just acting out, but their son's scary psychological behavior soon turned violent.

An Encounter with the Loveliest Dead

The home they thought would be their safe haven already had ghosts of its own.

The Murder and Dismemberment of Alan Canty

Michigan psychiatrist Alan Canty was one of the unlucky few who lost his head (literally) over his secret indulgences.