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The Real-Life Haunting That Inspired The Changeling

Soon after moving into a sprawling Denver mansion, Russell Hunter sensed he wasn't alone.

by Orrin Grey

9 Underrated Paranormal Books That Will Get Under Your Skin

These tales of paranormal horror will have you sleeping with the light on.

by Aliza Polkes

America’s Most Haunted: The Many Ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation

Who is that girl in the window? This historic abode boasts at least twelve ghosts, and they’re not camera shy.

by The Lineup Staff

5 Places Still Haunted by Civil War Ghosts

The ghostly echoes of America’s bloodiest war linger in these five places.

by The Lineup Staff

Ghost Light in the Window: The Drish House Haunting

They say the widow's ghost lingers in the tower and sets the house ablaze with phantom fire...

by Elisabeth Tilstra

House of Darkness: The True Story of the Perron Family and the Haunting That Inspired The Conjuring

Little did they know, their dream home in the country was a cursed house of horrors. 

by The Lineup Staff

The Creepy History of Florida's Riddle House 

The ghosts of the past still linger in its halls.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

10 Very Haunted Places in London You Can Actually Visit

From pubs to theatres and castles, legends abound of restless specters and inexplicable sounds. Plan a visit to some of the most haunted places in London.

by Occult Museum

Robert the Doll: Meet the Creepy Cursed Figurine That Haunts a Florida Museum

If you go to Key West, be sure to pay your respects to Robert the Doll, or you might just regret it…

by Orrin Grey

Darkness in the Room: A Haunting at the Andrew Jackson Hotel

They asked if any ghosts were present, and received a chilling reply: “Come and find us ... in the back house.”

by Maria Pinheiro

Haunting on the Hill: The Creepy History of the Hell Fire Club

Atop a hill in Dublin is an abandoned building, where men once made pacts with the Devil.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

Resurrection Cemetery and the Ghost of Resurrection Mary

They say her spirit dances past the cemetery at night, dressed entirely in white.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

Peg Entwistle: The Ghost of the Hollywood Sign

Nothing . . . not even death . . . could keep her from her Hollywood dreams.

by Jessica Ferri

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