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11 Bewitching Magic Spell Books To Change Your Life

Get ready to have a magical time.

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Thanks to the modern witch movement, witches are no longer confined to hidden, underground altars and secret covens to better their lives. Now, not only can you practice in the open, but you can also transform your methodologies to reflect modern life and you can share helpful spells with others! 

The most exciting part about being a witch is watching your spells, rituals, and enchantments change the lives of yourself and others. There is something so powerful about harnessing ancient, natural energy and using it for good.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a romantic partner, or something completely out of the sphere of what is considered “normal” witchdom, there is a spell book below that is happy to help.

Read below to find 11 Magic Spell Books that will help you change your life for good. 

The Joy of Hex

The Joy of Hex

By Nina Kahn

If you’re looking for a comprehensive spellbook without all the BS, this is the book for you. Whether you’re a baby witch, an experienced witch, or somewhere in between, this book will help you channel mystical energies within you and around you to manifest whatever it is you’re after. It features: 

  • More than 35 spells and rituals 
  • Advice on all the witch tools, like crystals, wands, athames, altars, oils, herbs, etc.
  • Positive and empowering mantras as you learn to lose the tools
  • Enhancing magickal rituals
  • An actual path to conquering your goals
  • The opportunities to connect to Earth’s natural cycles to aid you on your witchy journey
1001 Spells

1001 Spells

By Cassandra Eason

1,001 Spells is every witch’s master spellbook. Broken up into 20 different sections that contain 50 spells each, this book covers every desire, from big goals like health and home, to more specific goals like selling a house, and ends with the ultimate “spell to end all spells.”

It also provides helpful information on the colors, fragrances, crystals, times of day, and phases of the moon that strengthen each type of magic. For an in-depth look, this book tells you how to: 

  • Ask Muriel, Angel of Dreams, to banish a child’s nightmare or fears of the dark
  • A full moon ring commitment if you and your loved one are kept apart
  • Help a new pet settle in your home, especially if there are other animals
  • A St. Francis of Assisi ritual for wild creatures everywhere
  • Block emotional vampires with a mirror
  • Make friends in a new workplace
  • Reconnect with an old friend on social media
  • Create a personal worry stone to relieve tension
  • Create a living family tree
  • Send love on Father’s Day
  • And more!
Cosmopolitan Love Spells

Cosmopolitan Love Spells

By Cosmopolitan

This book focuses on modern magic and its uses for self-care.

The ultimate authority on love and sex, Cosmopolitan, has provided witches with a clear path to their amorous adventures by casting simple and effective spells. This book will teach you spells for: 

  • Attraction
  • Communication 
  • Sweetening the environment for affection and gentleness
  • Passion and desire
  • Healing a broken heart
Moon Spells Journal

Moon Spells Journal

By Diane Ahlquist

The moon and its lunar cycle have a powerful influence on our well-being and the way we live.

It heavily impacts our moods and emotions, so if you’re looking for a book that will advise you on how to use the lunar cycle to your advantage, Moon Spells Journal is a great place to start. 

It will teach you how to harness the moon’s power all year round! Every month of the year is dedicated to a specific aspiration, and every phase of the moon speaks to that intention in a different way.

From moon expert Diane Ahlquist comes prompts, spells, and questions for you to consider during each phase of the moon’s cycle. 

Spellcraft for a Magical Year

Spellcraft for a Magical Year

By Sarah Bartlett

This spell book concentrates on using beneficial universal energy to maximize your spell success at any time of the year.

Using planetary, solar, and other natural influences, as well as ancient power from pagan holidays, goddess energy, and traditional festival dates, you will read a month-by-month guide to spells, rituals, and enchantments.

In the renowned Sarah Bartlett’s almanac, you will discover: 

  • Which spells work best on which festival days, holidays, or days dedicated to certain deities from around the world
  • Step-by-step instructions for performing rituals, using talismans or amulets, and casting spells around New Moons, Full Moons, solstices, and equinoxes
  • A guide to bewitchments using the according to the apparent path of the sun
  • Introduction to invocations, blessings, talismans, and amulets from a wide range of traditional magic practices from around the world, including medieval grimoires, ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian tablets, and Greco-Roman magic texts
The Witch's Spellbook

The Witch's Spellbook

By Sarah Bartlett

Another Sarah Bartlett masterpiece, The Witch’s Spellbook is more of an overall practical guide than a step-by-step piece.

In it, Bartlett reveals how you can begin to manifest your dreams and shape your destiny by using spells, enchantments, and rituals that tap into both your own intuition and the power of the natural world.

She not only shows you how to use these tools, but also organizes them by topic and explains how each spell draws upon world traditions, sacred holidays, and lunar events. 

Spells for the Modern Mystic

Spells for the Modern Mystic

By Kelley Knight

Written by experienced practitioners, Spells for the Modern Mystic begins with an introductory section that discusses the five essential elements of rituals: symbols, terms, methodologies, how to set up an altar, and frequently asked questions.

It also provides line drawings of essential symbols in spellwork. It focuses on spells in six areas: self-protection, ancestral power, love, transformation, wealth, and personal spaces. In this indispensable guide, you will discover: 

  • Protection and Clearing Rituals: Ritual Protection Bath, Get The F*ck Out, Oops! Reversal Ritual, etc. 
  • Ancestral Rituals: Setting Up Ancestral Altars, Inner Child Ritual, Family Healing Ritual, etc.
  • Transformational Rituals: Empowerment of the Chakras, Ritual of Command, Ritual of Power, etc. 
  • Love Rituals: Self Love Ritual, Relationship Support Ritual, Attracting a Committed Relationship Ritual, etc. 
  • Wealth Rituals: Quick Cash Ritual, Getting a Job or Promotion Ritual, Setting Up a Wealth Altar, etc. 
  • Space Rituals: Clearing a Space, Protecting a Space, Obtaining a Space, etc.
The Everything Love Spells Book

The Everything Love Spells Book

By Kaile Dutton, Jodi St. Onge

This handy little pocket guide contains 75 spells to help you get out of your romance slump. Whether you’re a new witch or old, and whether you’re looking to get over an old flame, attract a special someone, or shake things up in the bedroom, true love is just one spell away. 

The Witch's Book of Love Spells

The Witch's Book of Love Spells

By Cerridwen Greenleaf

If you’re looking for a love spell book that’s a little more in-depth, The Witch’s Book of Love Spells is here to help.

It emphasizes that witchcraft is based on the idea that our destinies lie in our own hands—even in matters of the heart. It shows you how to use simple moon spells, gemstones, and crystals, love herbs, and a little of your natural chemistry to make you absolutely irresistible.

You’ll be able to draw the attention and devotion of a lover, strengthen the union between an existing couple, invoke sexual magic, heal a broken heart, and fill your own heart with love and compassion for yourself. In this book, you’ll find: 

  • Secret recipes for aphrodisiacs
  • Ritual celebrations for the high holidays of love
  • Insight into the mysterious realm of the magic moon and the stars
The Witch's Yearbook

The Witch's Yearbook

By Clare Gogerty

This book is a witch’s guide to a year of magic. Using the cycles of nature, the seasons, the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, the moon, the pull of ancient trees and forgotten paths, and the healing power of nature, you can trigger miraculous happenings. 

You will learn: 

  • Seasonal spells, remedies, rituals, and affirmations that use the power of plants, herbs, and stones for guidance and healing
  • Crystal gazing, dowsing, Tarot reading, and the magic of stone circles and folklore traditions to increase knowledge and encourage curiosity
  • Creative projects with witchy elements that can be used in spells and rituals
Power Spellcraft for Life

Power Spellcraft for Life

By Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Written by Wiccan expert Arrin Murphy, Power Spellcraft for Life is your intrepid guide to the art of spellcraft.

This book answers lots of frequently asked questions and delves into the hows and whys of spellcasting so you get a more comprehensive understanding.

On your magical journey of personal fulfillment, you will learn how to: 

  • Correctly time your spells for precise results
  • Increase power and accuracy with the careful use of correspondences
  • Successfully adapt spells from books for your personal usage
  • Learn powerful spells that will help you better your life
  • And more!

Featured image: Ksenia Yakovleva / Unsplash