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10 of the Scariest Horror Escape Rooms

Will you dare? 

scariest horror escape rooms
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  • Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Here at The Lineup, we know that horror is a lifestyle. But there are only so many times you can rewatch your favorite horror movies or read that dog-eared copy of the creepy book you know by heart. It’s time to take all your knowledge and put it to the test, finally answering the question you’ve always asked yourself: would you survive? 

But...how do you actually do that—you know, without putting yourself into any actual danger? You find an escape room, of course. 

We’ve scoured escape rooms across the United States and found 10 of the creepiest, most haunted, and most terrifying escape rooms perfect for any horror lover. Grab your holy water, brush up on your serial killer knowledge, and get ready to scream, because these frightening escape rooms are not for the faint of heart.

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The Basement — Los Angeles, CA

The Basement in Los Angeles
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  • Photo Credit: The Basement

You’ve been kidnapped by the depraved Edward Tandy. Killing people to eat them as a delicacy isn’t enough for Tandy. He only wants victims worthy of his dead mother’s approval. With a series of puzzles and games that would make Jigsaw himself proud and a live actor present throughout the game, The Basement is a truly immersive experience.

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The Official SAW Escape Room — Las Vegas, NV

Saw Escape Room
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  • Photo Credit: Official SAW Escape

Speaking of Jigsaw… It was supposed to be an after-hours tour of the Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant. But Jigsaw has other plans for you. Now, you’re trapped in a puzzle, where each room leads to more horrors, and you have no choice but to work your way through if you want to leave the factory alive. An elaborate maze of rooms and games, The Official SAW Escape Room is one of the largest escape rooms worldwide.

The Asylum — New Orleans, LA

The Asylum Escape Room
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  • Photo Credit: The Asylum Escape Room

The Avery Island Asylum has allegedly seen over 7,000 deaths inside its walls. The owner of the facility, Dr. Victor Delacroix, murdered his patients after completing atrocious experiments on his patients before they took their revenge. Now, both the doctor and his patients haunt the grounds, searching for justice and victims alike. When your friend decides to explore the asylum and doesn’t come back, it’s up to you to rescue her before you both become the asylum’s next victim.

Bogeyman — Red Bank, NJ

Boogeyman Escape Room Trap Door
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  • Photo Credit: Trap Door Escape

A slew of child abductions have brought you and your team of paranormal investigators to the area. But things are more dire than you realize. The Bogeyman is here. And he wants to play. An expansive escape room designed for larger teams to work through separately before joining together, The Bogeyman is an intense mystery filled with heart-stopping frights.

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Revenge of the Serial Killer — West Chester, PA

Revenge of the Serial Killer Escape Room in West Chester, PA
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  • Photo Credit: Bates Motel Escape Room

It’s going to take all your street smarts to outwit The Cipher after he takes you captive in his warehouse. Filled with puzzles and games—and plenty of infamous serial killer references—this escape room is the immersive escape room for anyone who knows more “fun facts” about true crime and serial killers than makes most people comfortable.

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Escape the Movies — Laurel, MD

Escape the Movies horror escape room
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  • Photo Credit: Laurel's House of Horror

Love horror movies? Each room is designed to take you inside four horror movie classics. Can you find your way through Michael Myers’ abandoned house? Escape Camp Crystal Lake? Survive Pennywise’s house of horrors? And outmaneuver Freddy Krueger in the boiler room? A chilling series of rooms that require all your movie knowledge if you want to survive these cult classics.

Do Not Disturb — Birmingham, AL

Do Not Disturb horror escape room in Birmingham
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  • Photo Credit: Breakout Games

The people in Breakout City are afraid. A string of kidnappings means that no one is safe. Luckily, you’ve tracked the kidnapper down to a run-down motel on the edge of town. But he was waiting for you. Now, you’re caught in an intricate web of his games and it’s going to take everything you have to ensure you don’t become his next victim. Designed for you and six other players, Do Not Disturb is a thrilling ride from beginning to end.

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Claustrophobia Extreme Escape — Myrtle Beach, SC

Claustrophobia Extreme Escape horror escape room
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  • Photo Credit: Riddles Escape Room

Getting invited to study a private pyramid with world-renowned archeologists is a dream. Until you accidentally trigger a secret trap. Now you’re trapped and have only thirty minutes to escape before you’re entombed forever. Get cozy with someone you love because this intense escape room is designed for only two people.

Unholy — Bradenton, FL

Unholy Escape Room
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  • Photo Credit: Intense Escape

The United States Embassy is concerned for a missing Pastor. He was last seen investigating strange sounds coming from an abandoned apothecary, but the owners are believed to be involved in a large satanic cult who practice ritual sacrifice to unlock their dark magic. But there’s more than cult members inside this building. And it’s going to take a lot of prayers and holy water to find the Pastor and escape in one piece.

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Lockdown — Midvale, UT

Lockdown horror escape room
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  • Photo Credit: Castle of Chaos

You were really excited to get the lab assistant job at Chaos Labs Incorporated. Even if they did make you sign strange nondisclosure agreements. But before you get the chance to work with the infamous Dr. Faust on his breakthrough virus research, the alarms start blaring and the building is locked down. Something escaped. And now you have to fight to survive. This zombie-filled escape room is an hour of thrills for you and up to nine of your friends.