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The Scariest Jump Scare Videos on YouTube

It's okay to scream.

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Nothing compares to that jolt after watching a well-executed jump scare. Movies like Paranormal Activity and Insidious are known for the effect, surprising audiences with unexpected and sudden frights that seem to come out of nowhere. When filmmakers pull them off correctly, jump scare sequences can be some of the best moments in an entire film. 

And lucky for us, jump scare videos can be found all over Youtube as well. In a fraction of the time, the jump scare videos below can give you the same startle as your favorite horror films. So if you love a good heart-stopping-scare, check out the videos below with some of the best jump scares Youtube has to offer. Be warned though, these videos are scary and you WILL jump. 

Michael Jackson's Ghost

This jump scare promises scares from the very beginning, claiming to have proof that Michael Jackson's ghost is still lingering behind in the Neverland estate. Any fan of the paranormal knows that such "proof" is often very subtle and minute, so as viewers strain forward to see and crank up their audio to hear, this jump scare strikes.

Security Camera Jump Scare

The aerial angle of this jump scare already puts viewers on edge, setting up the man in the footage in a position of vulnerability. As a chair in the shop begins to drag across the floor on its own, the scene is set for terror. But as the worker steps off the screen for a handful of seconds, tension builds taut as we wait to see what his investigation uncovers.

Smile Dog Jump Scare

Who doesn't love a cute dog? Sharing precious animal videos is basically what the internet was created for. Lull your unsuspecting victims into a false sense of security with this sweet pup—and then watch them scream as its true face is revealed. After all, we've all come to expect a sudden jump scare face, but a dog would never betray us like that...

Car Commercial Jump Scare

This one is an oldie, but definitely one of the best jump scare videos out there. Though it has been around for a while, it never fails to give you a start—even if you know what’s coming. 

Maze Game Jump Scare

For this scary video to be effective, you have to follow along. Move your mouse with the black dot to get it to the end of the maze, without touching the walls. If you leave the blue area and touch one of the walls, the levels restart. 

Also a long-running favorite on Youtube, the "Maze Game" has spurned on all sorts of reaction videos. Those who have seen the Maze video before encourage their friends, siblings, and classmates to play the supposed game, while filming them and their inevitable panic when they finally reach the jump scare. So if you screamed when you reached the scare, know you are not alone—there are plenty of reaction videos to show you're in good company!

Japanese Tire Commercial Jump Scare

As far as tire commercials go, this one from Japan is in a league of its own. From the outset, you can tell that the scene is foreboding. Shot from the inside of a car, this scary video shows a dirt road speeding by in the middle of the night. But what comes next is not for the faint of heart.

Boy Singing

Playing with your expectations, this YouTube jump scare video attempts to mix in some humor, while giving you a good startle. It features a young boy singing a song, and seems completely harmless. After all, what could possibly be so scary about a weird little boy singing a weird little song?

Spiral Jump Scare

Entrancing and almost hypnotic, this video sucks you in with its optical illusion. Just when the spinning spiral has your full attention, and the music has sufficiently calmed you, the video unleashes its scary surprise.

Rocking Chair Jump Scare

With more than 17 million views and counting, this scary video is another one of the web’s most famous jump scares. Be sure to enter the video fullscreen, turn up the volume, and watch carefully so you don’t miss it!

Dancer Jump Scare

Short and sweet, this video packs a punch in just twenty seconds. Beginning with a video of a young girl dancing, the slow piano music lulls you into a false sense of security.

Coyote Attack Jump Scare

Unlike some of the other videos, this one is true to its title. Play it through to the end to see the “coyote attack”—and try not to gasp when you do.

Old Photograph Jump Scare

The ominous music and grainy photograph of a children’s playground are creepy enough to make your skin crawl. But the scare that’s waiting for you near the end might just make you jump right out of your body entirely.

Scary Pop Up

With the night vision camera, the door violently swinging, and a ghost coming back and forth across the screen, there is definitely something bizarre going on. If you keep watching, you should be able to figure it out.

Bus Problem Jump Scare

This video is so scary that after watching it, one viewer commented, “yay! my hiccups went away.” 

Reminiscent of a word problem from grade school, the video asks its viewers to try and keep track of how many people are on the bus. With a bus driver getting on at the start, and riders coming and going at each stop, the math certainly keeps your mind occupied—and some might say, distracted. 

Like the Maze Game, this jump scare video is also popularly used to prank others, especially those who are unsuspecting. And there's just something about a strobing jump scare face that makes it all the more terrifying.

Jump Scare Spider

If you have even the slightest bit of arachnophobia, this video is terrifying from start to finish. Everyone has had to kill a spider in their house on occasion, but this massive spider—like something straight out of a nightmare—is a whole different story. With its surprise ending, this video will leave even the bravest of bug swatters trembling. And since it has such a different formula than the others in its category, it's really left feeling like one of the freshest jump scare videos around.

Snake Scare

If the spider video didn't get you, maybe this snake jump scare video will. The huge creature seems to go on forever, and the longer you watch, the more the anticipation builds. Even though you're expecting to come face-to-face with the snake, the ending still manages to catch you off guard.

Featured photo: Andre Andrea / YouTube