30 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

    Are you brave enough to step into one of these living nightmares?

    16. Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth, TX

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    Photo Credit: Cutting Edge Haunted House

    The Cutting Edge Haunted House has won the Guinness World Record for Largest Haunted Attraction four times, cementing its status among the biggest and best haunted houses in the world. It’s also one of the most creative haunted houses, using techniques and scare methods that would never even occur to most. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t feel attached to to this freaky attraction.

    17. Brighton Asylum, Passaic, NJ

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    Photo Credit: Brighton Asylum

    Only 60 years ago, the Brighton Asylum closed its doors due after New Jersey’s government began investigating the many reports of inhumane medical experiments, disappearances, and unlivable conditions. Today, it has been reopened to allow any curious and brave soul to encounter the spirits left behind. Brighton Asylum offers three separate terrifying experiences—only for the truly hardy.

    18. Indy Scream Park, Indianapolis, IN

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    Photo Credit: Indy Scream Park

    Indiana’s scariest haunted house is waiting for you … The Indy Scream Park includes five haunted experiences—two are brand-new for 2017. Choose your worst fear: Zombies, clowns, the plague, homicidal families, and haunted asylums are all there for the scaring. After you’ve been thoroughly frightened, move over to the Monster Midway for food, drink, and games. Maybe after an hour or two, you’ll be calm enough to drive home.

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    19. Ultimate Terror Scream Park, Sacramento, CA

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    Photo Credit: Ultimate Terror Scream Park

    The “best in the west”, the Ultimate Terror Scream Park includes three separate terrifying haunted house experiences. 2017 brings the return of the Superstition Killer and Begrudge, as well as the new Lobotomy Psycho Show. Pick your poison, but be certain that you’ll be stumbling out of the park, terrified and shaking.

    20. 13th Floor, San Antonio, TX

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    Photo Credit: 13th Floor Haunted House

    Many buildings were created without a 13th floor. Superstitious architects and owners hoped that avoiding this unlucky number would mean that malicious spirits would leave their homes, hotels, and businesses alone. The former hotel where you can now visit the 13th Floor was supposed to be one of those buildings. Unfortunately, thanks to hidden floors, the hotel did indeed have a 13th floor. Visit today to hear the eerie stories of the past and experience the terrifying present.

    21. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, Los Angeles, CA

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    Photo Credit: Christopher Brielmaier / Courtesy of Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

    This hayride is no quaint trip through the woods. The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride takes visitors through the Old Griffith Park Zoo, where ghosts of creatures and humans haunt the paths. Once you’re let off the tractors, you’ll be surrounded by clowns from hell. And that’s not even including the three other haunted attractions around the Hayride.

    22. Nile Nightmares, Mountlake Terrace, WA

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    Photo Credit: Nile Nightmares / Facebook

    The winner of multiple best-in-state awards, the Nile Nightmares haunted house is back with a vengeance in 2017. As you wander in- and outdoors, this immersive setting will keep shocking you at every turn. Watch out for the chainsaws!

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    23. City of the Dead, Denver, CO

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    Photo Credit: City of the Dead

    Denver’s largest and most terrifying haunted house is waiting for you. Completely rebuilt for the 2017 season with the new Dead Rising attraction, City of the Dead is built of fear. As you’re chased through the city by a horde of zombies, remember that The Lineup is responsible for your terror.

    24. The Hex House, Tulsa, OK

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    Photo Credit: Tulsa Hex House

    In the 1940s, the small community of Tulsa was shocked when a dead body and two enslaved young women were discovered in the home of a seemingly normal housewife. The woman had been starving and beating her boarders in the name of religion. Now, you can visit her home, complete with secret hallways and creepy basement. The Hex House will terrify any sane visitor.

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    25. Hundred Acres Manor, Bethel Park, PA

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    Photo Credit: Hundred Acres Manor

    The Hundred Acres Manor sprawls over one mile of terror, with six horrifying experiences for visitors. Ranked in the top three scariest haunted houses by a variety of publications, the Hundred Acres Manor will terrify you with an elevator from hell, a torture tank, voodoo priests, and more.

    26. Haunted Overload, Lee, NH

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    Photo Credit: Haunted Overload

    Visit the terrifying forests of New Hampshire with Haunted Overload. Once, long ago, the small town where you can find Haunted Overload was visited by a supposed demon. When the demon did not receive any care or aid for the night, he became furious, cursing the town with strange creatures, the undead, and unexplainable noises. All of the locals have since left … can you make it through?

    27. Castle of Chaos, Midvale, UT

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    Photo Credit: Castle of Chaos

    Castle of Chaos offers four levels of fear: They’ll guarantee that even the bravest explorer leaves their underground haunted house fully terrified. The dance club setting Hands-On terror will get you up close and personal with the vampires who are taking over. 

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    28. Dead End Hayride, Wyoming, MN

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    Photo Credit: Dead End Hayride

    The Dead End Hayride will bring you through the depths of Pinehaven Farm and forest to the Sunnyvale Asylum. Along the way, you’ll encounter ghoulish creatures, patients who have lost their grip on the world, and other terrifying specters. If you make it through the asylum, the Pinehaven Motor Inn awaits, surrounded by an eerie cornfield. Don’t venture out too far… who knows who or what is waiting for you out there.

    29. Asylum 49, Tooele, UT

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    Photo Credit: Asylum 49 / Facebook

    Asylum 49 accepts no wimps. Be ready to be grabbed, isolated, touched, and restrained by the lunatics who have taken over their ward. The 38,000 square foot attraction has been known to suck scare devotees in for hours on end.

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    30. Bates Motel, Glen Mills, PA

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    Photo Credit: The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride

    The Bates Motel has been ranked the number one haunted house in the nation by USA Today, Hauntworld, and more. Drive through an abandoned asylum, visit a creepy New England church filled with ghosts, and get chased by the Headless Horseman during your visit. Try the haunted hayride for a truly supernatural experience.

    Feature photo: Haunted Overload

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