11 Eye-Opening True Crime Books for Fans of Crazy, Not Insane

Like the documentary, these books challenge our preconceived notions about killers.

  • Photo Credit: HBO
Buy Dangerous Ground at Amazon

Dangerous Ground

By M. William Phelps

Buy Dance with the Devil at Amazon

Dance with the Devil

By David Bagby

Buy The Measure of Madness at Amazon

The Measure of Madness

By Cheryl Paradis

Buy A Plague of Murder at Amazon

A Plague of Murder

By Colin Wilson

Buy Love Me to Death at Amazon

Love Me to Death

By Linda Wolfe

Buy Law & Disorder at Amazon

Law & Disorder

By John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Buy The Manson Women and Me at Amazon

The Manson Women and Me

By Nikki Meredith