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10 Chilling Letters Sent By Notorious Serial Killers

If words could kill...

old letters from serial killers
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  • Photo Credit: Liam Truong / Unsplash

Donald Harvey

This letter was sent to a fan who wrote to Harvey in prison. 

Donald Harvey
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

H.H. Holmes

Holmes confessed to 27 murders but it is estimated that he was responsible for the murder or disappearance of over 200 victims. 

Letter from serial killer HH Holmes
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  • Photo Credit: Library of Congress

Ian Brady

Brady sent a letter from prison to an interested journalist detailing his relationship with his partner in crime Myra Hindley.

Ian Brady letters
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  • Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

Albert Fish

This letter gruesomely detailed his murder of abducted child Grace Budd to her mother.

Albert Fish's letter to Mrs. Budd
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  • Photo Credit: La Agenda del Crimen

Jack The Ripper

Ripper allegedly sent this letter to the Central News Agency in London.

Jack the Ripper letter
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  • Photo Credit: The BBC

The Beltway Snipers

This letter was found pinned to a tree outside the site of a recent sniper attack.

Beltway Snipers letter
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  • Photo Credit: Handwriting Research Corporation

Dennis Nilsen

This peculiar serial killer wrote this letter to himself six weeks after his arrest, taking an introspective tone. 

dennis nilsen serial killer letter
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  • Photo Credit: MyLondon

The Axeman of New Orleans

This letter was addressed to "Esteemed Mortal" and detailed the anonymous killer's plans for their next strike. 

Axeman Map New Orleans March
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Gary Ridgway

"The Green River Killer," wrote letters to his wife nearly every day after his 2001 arrest, eventually revealing a confession to his crimes in this letter. 

gary ridgway letters
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  • Photo Credit: True Crime Auction House

The Zodiac Killer

The notoriously anonymous killer sent several cryptic letters. 

the Zodiac Killer's letters
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain