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4 Terrifying New Releases from Indie and Small Presses This June

Heat up your horror TBR.

june indie and small press releases
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Looking for something fresh as the summer creeps in? Indie and small presses have the most unique voices horror has to offer. Whether you want monster mayhem or occult oddities, this month has some incredible titles in store for you. Here are four terrifying horror books coming to indie and small presses this June!

confirmed sightings

Confirmed Sightings: A Triple Cryptid Creature Feature

By P.L. McMillan, Bridget D. Brave, and Ryan Marie Ketterer

If you love cryptid horror, get ready for triple the fun. Get three chilling cryptid tales in one book from three incredible authors.

Bridget D. Brave's A Piasa for Christmas follows an influencer, Kaycee, who has returned to her hometown. She's lucky enough to find her soulmate, but the fact that he's an immortal transdimensional god trapped in a temporal prison complicates matters a little.

eyeofmoth.exe by P.L. McMillan sees the crew of the CRS Piasa stumbling across a space station in the grips of madness. The spiral into insanity stems from a creature from Pre-Calamity Earth, and the crew must warn the Company before time runs out for everyone.

Ryan Marie Ketterer's Once Upon a Time in Turu is centered on Policefoot Orli, who must solve the murder of a jackalope before the cryptid tensions in town boil over.

This book is available now from Salt Heart Press!

the girls in the cabin

The Girls in the Cabin

By Caleb Stephens

In a last-ditch effort to mend his relationship with his daughters after the passing of their mother, Chris takes Kayla and Emma on a camping trip in the mountains. Unfortunately for all of them, things go poorly from the get-go. Young Emma runs off alone into the woods, and by the time she's found, her leg is broken and a nasty snowstorm is on the horizon.

After a desperate hunt for shelter, they find what they think is salvation in an old farmstead. The woman who lives there welcomes them and takes care of Emma's injury. The family settles in for the night, but at dawn, Emma is gone. Her disappearance is just the beginning of their nightmare.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on June 8th by Joffe Books!

les petites morts

Les Petites Morts

By Evelyn Freeling

This anthology collects 14 sensual tales of erotic horror. Each of these titillating reads is inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and mythology. From a steamy reframing of Snow White to a hot and heavy tale about Hecate, these stories will have you as unsettled as you are excited. Find work from authors like Hailey Piper,  Sonora Taylor, Sara Tantlinger, Joe Koch, Steve Neal, and more!

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on June 20th by Ghost Orchid Press!

everything the darkness eats

Everything the Darkness Eats

By Eric LaRocca

Following a streak of disappearances in a small town in Connecticut, a widower with a terrible secret gets tangled up in a dangerous, dark ritual by the mysterious Heart Crowley. When a member of local law enforcement is assigned the case of these odd disappearances, an unrestrained hatred is revealed at the core of the community of Henley's edge. Between the sinister occult forces and the destructive bigotry, this New England town may never be the same.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on June 20th by Clash Books!

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Featured image: Annie Spratt/Unsplash