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4 Terrifying New Releases from Indie and Small Presses This February

These reads will have you screaming all month long.

february indie and small press releases
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  • Photo Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Some of the biggest names in horror publishing are Titan Books, Penguin Random House, and Tor.com. While we love to see what terrifying titles they're delivering next to readers, we also really like rooting for the little guy. Indie and small presses allow riskier storytelling from fresh and emerging voices. Unfortunately, they don't always get the same promotion that titles under bigger publishing houses are afforded. But we're here to help them out! Here are four fantastic horror titles coming to indie and small presses this February.

melinda west: monster gunslinger

Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger

By KC Grifant

29-year-old sharpshooter Melinda West isn't a stranger to the supernatural. Not since a monster infection killed her mother. But nowadays she and her partner, the always charming Lance, travel to monster-plagued towns offering their extermination services. They face off against everything from flying scorpions to psychic bugs, but after they accidentally free a demon, they have to hunt an outlaw across dangerous territory to stop a supernatural war in its tracks.

This book is available now from Brigids Gate Press!

the night begins

The Night Begins

By Abigail F. Taylor

Darcy Mills is desperate to repair the tense relationship she has with her mother, Althea. When she gets a letter from her asking for help with a move to Dallas, she jumps at the chance, eager to reconnect. The chilling memories that linger behind in her childhood home pose a challenge, but it's nothing she's not willing to face to have her mother back. However, the evil lurking in the woods is a different story.

This book is available now from Luna Press Publishing!

a blackness absolute

A Blackness Absolute

By Caitlin Marceau

If short story collections are more your speed, this chilling compendium of works by Caitlin Marceau is one to look out for. In atmospheric, dread inducing tales, Marceau touches upon the terror of vulnerability, the natural world around us, and the fragility of sanity. The titular story takes readers through the claustrophobic horrors of getting lost in a cave-system, while the closing story explores one woman's unusual funeral rites.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 21st by Ghost Orchid Press!

the suffering

The Suffering

By MJ Mars

The Victorian Suffering massacre happened back in 1876. Now Kyle Birbeck's got the bright idea to recreate the séance that led to the gruesome event. But the ghosts Kyle's ancestor banished all those years ago have been waiting in the walls of Brackenby House, eager to seize the chance to break free. Now, one by one, five ghosts attach themselves to the students living in Brackenby. The spirits tap in to the students' greatest fears. The only way for Kyle and his friends to stop The Suffering is to uncover the dark secrets of the séance and banish the ghosts for good.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 24th by Wicked House Publishing!

Featured image: Annie Spratt/Unsplash