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4 Terrifying New Releases from Indie and Small Presses This April

Shower yourself in screams.

april indie and small press releases
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  • Photo Credit: Augustine Wong/Unsplash

Isn't horror all about rooting for the little guy? Indie and small horror presses have some of the most unique and bone-chillingly terrifying tales around. We at The Lineup can't get enough of the stories these publishers are cranking out, and we have a feeling that once you pick them up, you'll feel much the same. Here are four must-read horror titles coming to indie and small presses this April.



By Ai Jiang

The debut novel of Chinese-Canadian author Ai Jiang weaves a gripping gothic ghost story set in the strange town of HOME. Here, the grief of the population has conjured the spirits of those they lost. As Wenqi Liam and Mrs. travel to this mysterious locale, they encounter the dead grasping their second chance at "life." Includes two two bonus short stories: "Yǒngshí" and "Teeter Totter."

This book is available now from Dark Matter Ink!

agony's lodestone

Agony’s Lodestone

By Laura Keating

Aggie's sister Joanne disappeared, leaving behind a gaping hole in the world that whispered a terrible, echoing "Gone." As the years passed, the memories of the real Joanne faded in Aggie's mind. But the videotape makes it feel like Joanne has returned to her, even if the flickering images keep changing. All Aggie wants is a chance to apologize. After all, this whole thing is her fault...

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 14th by Tenebrous Press!

bound in flesh

Bound in Flesh

By Lor Gislason

This incredible anthology brings together 13 chilling tales of trans body horror—from writers who are trans and nonbinary themselves. A disturbing and unique take on the darkest secrets and terrors of flesh, treat yourself to stories by LC von Hessen, Theo Hendrie, Derek Des Agnes, Winter Holmes, gaast, Charles-Elizabeth Boyles, Hailey Piper, Joe Koch, Layne Van Rensburg, Bitter Karella, Amanda M. Blake, Lillian Boyd, and Taliesin Neith.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 18th by Ghoulish Books!

our own unique affliction

Our Own Unique Affliction

By Scott J. Moses

Alice Ann is an immortal who wants nothing more than to live her life under the sun. Cursed with an eternity, she is burdened with guilt and loss, searching endlessly for meaning. This tale of grief and empathy is q quiet horror until it bursts forth with a bite.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 26th by DarkLit Press!

Featured image: Augustine Wong/Unsplash