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Find Your Next Spooky Read Based on Your Mood

Beat the dreaded "reading slump." 

mood reading books

Have you ever thought, “I really want to read ~something~ but I don’t know what I’m in the mood for”? Yeah, me too.

In fact, I do it all the time. It’s what we in the book community refer to as being a “mood reader”. Try as we might to perfectly curate stacks of books we plan to read each month, the plan never sticks. Sometimes I’ll go so far as to plan a whole theme for a month (like unhinged women) but then after one book, I’m like NOW I NEED SOMETHING WITH A CULT IN IT. We just have to go wherever our mood takes us in order to avoid the treacherous: READING SLUMP—the reader’s archnemesis. Let's stick together and combat that evil beast.

The first step in taking down the READING SLUMP is to find the perfect book to match our current mood. That’s where I come in to help. I’ve created a bit of a mood board for readers. 

Next time you’re feeling a slight slump coming on or you’re craving something specific, you can try one of these:

Pick your next spooky read based on your current mood!

If you’re feeling… Sad

Disclaimer, I guess I mean if you’re wanting to feel sad because if you’re already sad, these books won’t make you happy. They’re sad. Like really sad.

best stephen king books

Pet Sematary

By Stephen King

The PINNACLE of grief horror.



By Laurel Hightower

The tried and true question of “what would you do to bring back your child?”.

stirring the sheets

Stirring the Sheets

By Chad Lutzke

The tiniest book that will make you the saddest.

If you’re feeling… Morbid

Maybe you’ve got a weird morbid itch that you just can’t scratch. Not only will these three books satisfy that craving, you’ll also learn A LOT about dead things.

stiff the curious lives of human cadavers

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

By Mary Roach

Stiff is about our bodies postmortem—and it is equal parts hilarious and educational.

books about death

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

By Judy Melinek, MD & T.J. Mitchell

Judy Melinek is a medical examiner in NYC who worked firsthand in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.

smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

By Caitlin Doughty

Honestly, this book really made me want to work in a crematory.

If you’re feeling… Unhinged

Are you feeling like if one more thing goes wrong, you’re going to snap? Okay, you’re in luck. The characters in these books are feeling the same way. I hope you find them relatable. 

go down hard ali seay

Go Down Hard

By Ali Seay

We love a woman out for revenge.

They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

They Never Learn

By Layne Fargo

Once again, we’re going for the don’t eff with women mantra.

Waif, by Samantha Kolesnik


By Samantha Kolesnik

I love how weird this book gets. Angela is sick of her unhappy upper class life so she decides to dive into the world of underground film.

If you’re feeling… Possessed

Perhaps it feels like a demon is inside your body and controlling your state of mind. RELEASE that inner demon and experience possession through someone else.

Goddess of Filth by horror author V. Castro

Goddess of Filth

By V. Castro

If you’re going to read any of my recommendations please let it be this one.

scariest books of 2016

My Best Friend's Exorcism

By Grady Hendrix

Holy 80s nostalgia with possession. Also, you should definitely hurry up and read this incredible book by Grady Hendrix before the movie comes out.

best horror audiobooks paul tremblay

A Head Full of Ghosts

By Paul Tramblay

Stephen King says it scared him so that should be enough.

If you’re feeling… Weird

These recommendations are for those who are feeling like they’re walking through fog. If you’re not sure who you are and where you are… these books won’t help, they’ll just make you feel more confused. But we like that, don’t we?

fever dream by samantha schweblin

Fever Dream

By Samantha Schweblin

The title alone says it all. 

best horror books of 2020

We Need to Do Something

By Max Booth III

I’m pretty sure the entire book is set in a bathroom if that helps at all.

things have gotten worse since we last spoke

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

By Eric LaRocca

Probably the most polarizing book I’ve ever come across. I’m obviously on Team Obsessed.

If you’re feeling… Nostalgic

Are you missing the good ol’ days? The days where you rode your bike around with your friends and literally your only care in the world was if you had enough money for a candy bar? These ones will get you in your feels.

summer horror novels

The Saturday Night Ghost Club

By Craig Davidson

To be honest, the title sold me. I thought I’d be getting a cute little ghost story but this one is deep. *tear face*

Boy's Life

Boy's Life

By Robert McCammon

The cult following of this book is REAL and it’s for good reason. It has everything. Friendship and monsters and a lot of heart.

Ray Bradbury books The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree

By Ray Bradbury

I had to throw this classic in here for Halloween season. But also check out Dandelion Wine for all the summertime nostalgia. Bradbury’s writing is so *chefs kiss*.