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Which Horror Character is Your MBTI Personality Type?

Are you a hero at heart, or a calculating killer?

horror character mbti
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The best characters represent real life. When they struggle in ways that we identify with, it makes them come alive, and we end up either enthusiastically rooting for them or fervently wishing for their demise. One of the best ways to fundamentally understand why a character might make us cheer or cringe can be broken down to their core personality traits.

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We analyzed our favorite horror characters—both heroes and villains—and determined which of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types they would be. Read on and find out what character you’d be, based on your MBTI type.


Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)

hannibal lecter
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Like Hannibal, you analyze everything and rarely resist a challenge. You have a quick and strategic mind, observing events, forming theories, and extrapolating them into the future through meticulously controlled experiments. Though you can come across as emotionally distant, you can be exceptional at working to improve yourself along with the world around you. Whatever you put your focus on will likely be successful, so be sure you’re practicing self-awareness and only serving dinner to your friends—not the other way around.


Henry Frankenstein (Frankenstein)

henry frankenstein
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  • Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

For you and Frankenstein, there is a logical explanation for everything. And if there isn’t, you’ll do whatever it takes to find it. Ideas interest you more than people. While some introverts are quietly involved in the world, you’re perfectly happy alone in a laboratory or library for days—or weeks—at a time. You’re eternally skeptical, trusting what can be proven above all else. But when you rely solely on your intensely analytical mind, your focus can become narrow. Before you find out if you can bring a theory to life, it’s always a good idea to ask if you should first.

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Eleanor “Nell” Crain (The Haunting of Hill House)

nell crain
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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Television

Curiosity is one thing you and Nell can’t resist. More than anything, you want to understand everything. You’re idealistic, wanting your external world to be aligned with your internal values. You approach life with a sense of compassion and rarely judge anyone, though your openness and sensitivity can be taken for granted. Because you often feel ignored and tend to suffer in silence, you tend to forge your own path. This isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes being alone with your thoughts can lead to a haunted house in the middle of the night, and we don’t recommend that at all.

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Danny Torrance (The Shining)

danny torrance
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Maybe you can’t see the shine, but you and Danny have an uncanny sixth sense when it comes to your intuition. You get why people are the way they are, and you have a ton of compassion because of this. But people would be remiss to misjudge your quiet and gentle nature for weakness. Because you’re so observant, you notice details others would miss, organize those facts quickly, and come to decisive decisions when it comes to executing your plans. You’re great in a crisis, and absolutely who we want on our team if we’re ever trapped in a haunted hotel.


Dracula (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

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  • Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

You and Dracula are natural-born leaders. If there are inefficiencies anywhere, you’ll find them and come up with a comprehensive plan to make the process better—and have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees. You enjoy expanding your knowledge and sharing it with others, though you can come across rather forcefully. Strategy comes naturally to you, as does having patience in going after long-term goals. When you’re committed to a plan, nothing, not even a death, will stop you.

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Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

freddy krueger
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

We really hope you use your ability to read people for something other than creating incredibly specific nightmares to terrify them with. But even if you do, you and Freddy are having a great time doing it. You’re energetic, strategic, and crave new experiences. It’s not that you’re bored easily, it’s just that you see the big picture faster than most, and are quick to adapt the best strategy to tackle the problem. No matter what you do, you’re not only going to find the best solution, but have a fabulous time while you’re at it.


Pennywise (IT)

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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

There's no denying you can charm anyone into doing anything. Pennywise might use his for evil, but it works. Part of it is your contagious imagination—you see possibility everywhere, and you’re not afraid to improvise any situation to get the most out of it. You’re warm, drawing people in through your genuine appreciation and support for them. But your need to receive the same in return can cause some friction. While you’re talented at helping others achieve their dreams, don’t forget to take care of yourself. A little self-care keeps you from turning into a blood-thirsty supernatural creature, or so we’ve heard.

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Carly Jones (House of Wax)

carly jones
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

You and Carly are natural peacekeepers. You see the unbridled potential inside everyone and will enthusiastically encourage everyone around you to grow. Because you respond to both praise and criticism equally, you can be an inspiring leader, getting your team to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. Kind, energetic, and responsible, you like to believe that an optimistic attitude combined with fair consequences can help anyone. And while this is a fantastic worldview, just remember that sometimes people want to turn you into a wax statue and shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt.

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Annie Wilkes (Misery)

annie wilkes
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  • Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

Annie might be the original "stan," but you know it’s because she understands how important loyalty is—fandom or otherwise. It isn’t just that loyalty is important to you, but that people follow through on their promises. Harmony and cooperation are vital to your happiness, but that doesn’t mean you’re afraid to push back when necessary. In your heart, you’re a caregiver. You notice what people need in their daily lives, and you have a hard time when they resist your advice. But sometimes people need to learn for themselves, so, maybe scrap the kidnapping and hobbling plans.

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Jennifer Check (Jennifer’s Body)

jennifer check
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  • Photo Credit: Fox Atomic

No matter what, you and Jennifer know how to live in the moment. You have the remarkable ability to assess situations quickly, but rather than use that to plan in the future, you’re focused on the present moment. Nothing makes you happier than spur of the moment ideas, and you’d much rather a hands-on learning approach for everything. Your energy is infectious, and while you’re tolerant of others, you tend to move quickly through situations and can be impatient if people don’t keep up. This constant need to move and be stimulated is often an attempt to keep boredom at bay. But when that happens, it’s best to find an immersive project that isn’t eating your prom date.

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Bev Keane (Midnight Mass)

bev keane
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  • Photo Credit: Intrepid Pictures

When difficult situations arise, you and Bev know it’s best to take a matter-of-fact approach. Your ability to organize complicated problems into efficient routines is one of your natural talents, and this extends to crisis management. Repetitive tasks don’t bother you, in fact, following logical steps in an efficient routine is your idea of a good time. While you may see beauty in structure, others may not appreciate your hard work and competence. But rather than resorting to murder, maybe try some patience as we all know no one else wants to organize the next picnic, and they’ll come around to your way soon enough.

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Seong Gi-hun/No. 456 (Squid Game)

seong gi-hun
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  • Photo Credit: Siren Pictures

When you and Gi-hun are thrown into unknown situations, you adapt quickly and easily. No matter what, you’re the life of the party, and you'll find a way to bring people together. Kindness matters to you a lot, maybe even more than your own well-being. While your friendly and curious nature is mostly a good thing, it can sometimes get you in trouble. Your vivacious zeal for life can make it hard to say no, but even if you find yourself in a set of murderous games, your resourceful outlook and common-sense approach bode well for survival.


Michael Myers (Halloween

michael myers
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  • Photo Credit: Compass International Pictures

You and Michael embody the adage "slow and steady wins the race." When there’s a problem, you sit back and quietly observe, taking your time to methodically arrive at the exact right answer. Large amounts of data are exciting to you, and you love nothing more than studying cause and effect while organizing information into logical order. But once you know what direction you want to take, nothing will stop you or get in your way. Your relentless pursuit towards your goals makes you a formidable ally at your best, and a terrifying mask-wielding, knife-slashing enemy at your worst.


Sidney Prescott (Scream)

sidney prescott
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  • Photo Credit: Dimension Films

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. That’s something both you and Sidney understand. You’re quiet, but not because you don’t want to interact with the world—it’s more that you’re highly attuned to the people and places around you. It’s rare that you jump to conclusions, as you take in the facts first, but your loyalty and emotions can sometimes blur how those facts come together. Even though you prefer things to run on your own timeline, when faced with pressure, you act decisively, using your resources effectively to survive.

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Carrie White (Carrie)

carrie white
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  • Photo Credit: Red Bank Films

Even though you and Carrie are introverts, you both have a profound desire to be included. You’re quiet but observant, picking up on details others miss, which helps you connect. Because you’re so in touch with your emotions and surroundings, you can be extremely supportive, and that combined with your diligent pragmatism means people know they can rely on you for no-nonsense solutions. But when your painstaking effort is ignored or taken for granted, you can take that personally. And while people may deserve consequences for their actions, sometimes a little distance from emotional situations can be more helpful than burning your high school to the ground.


Ellen Ripley (Alien)

ellen ripley
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If anyone can take a job in the far reaches of space to reach their goals, it’s you and Ellen. Practical is your middle name. You’re highly respected by the people in your life because you’re methodical and dependable. If there’s a problem, you’ll listen to all sides, but logic will always lead you to fair and executable solutions. No matter how much pressure you’re under—like being stranded on a spacecraft with a deadly alien—you will methodically work through your options until you find an answer that works.

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