21 Horror Books That'll Give You the Chills on a Hot Summer Night

Who says beach reads can’t be terrifying?

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Buy Swan Song at Amazon

Swan Song

By Robert R. McCammon

Buy House of Bones at Amazon

House of Bones

By Dale Bailey

Buy Monster Island at Amazon

Monster Island

By David Wellington

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Mount Misery

By Angelo Peluso

Buy The Book of Skulls at Amazon

The Book of Skulls

By Robert Silverberg

Buy The Maddening at Amazon

The Maddening

By Andrew Neiderman

Buy Wylding Hall at Amazon

Wylding Hall

By Elizabeth Hand

Buy The Sleep Room at Amazon

The Sleep Room

By F. R. Tallis

Buy The Ocean at the End of the Lane at Amazon

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

By Neil Gaiman

Buy The Manitou at Amazon

The Manitou

By Graham Masterton

Buy Apocalypse Machine at Amazon

Apocalypse Machine

By Jeremy Robinson

Buy The Winter People at Amazon

The Winter People

By Jennifer McMahon

Buy Night Film at Amazon

Night Film

By Marisha Pessl

Buy Summer of Night at Amazon

Summer of Night

By Dan Simmons

Buy No Doors, No Windows at Amazon

No Doors, No Windows

By Harlan Ellison

Buy The Girl Next Door at Amazon

The Girl Next Door

By Jack Ketchum

Buy I am Legend at Amazon

I am Legend

By Richard Matheson

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By Brad Strickland

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By Stephen King